Citriana Shop Reviews – Is It A Legit Place To Buy T-Shirts Or Another Online Scam?

Citriana Shop Reviews – Are you looking for a man’s shirt t-shirt-back deal? Do you want to try Hawaiian t-shirts that look awesome? Have you ever visited the site If you are searching for the legal status of, you are at the right article for the desired and complete proof of their legality or illegality. is a retailing shop of T-shirts and other printed collections for men. They have an excellent collection of men’s attire. The website is professionally designed, but I need to find out whether they are professional and accurate business owners or scammers. Actual status of the, then read the citriana shop reviews article thoroughly.

Citriana Shop Reviews

About Citriana Shop is a professional retailing shop for shirts, t-shirts, Hawaiian printed shirts, colorful music instrumental shirts, and other hand-drawn designs. They work from the United Kingdom, where their main office is situated.

Their items are low in price but high in quality, and their complete attire collection fully fulfills the modern style requirement. For the people who want to lock up deals, they may result in

There is a 30-day return policy and fast shipping. The latest evidence that the scam is the reality of

Is a Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

The common practice of shopping is that we always want to believe in the shopkeeper for giving us the best quality and original products. It is pretty straightforward in offline shopping, but when we go to online markets and shops, you must have noticed that you can’t physically touch or examine the shopkeeper due to remoteness. So, some rules can be practiced so that the shopping must be done on a legal website and app. Following are the few rules to know whether the website is legal or not:

  • Domain Age: If a website application has existed for more than 1 year, then there might be a possibility that it exists only due to its legal status. It is Because the scamming websites always get blocking reports that cause the websites to derail or close up. In the discussion case, is only 3 months old, which means it needs to exist for several months more.
  • Contact Information: In contact information, we can observe the business owner and their contact numbers, etc. The owner of is unknown, but the address is mentioned, which tells us they are in the United Kingdom. Mobile number is also mentioned. It is a good thing, but there must be a business owner’s name known.
  • Social media handles: Socialization increases the mobilization of your brand and its products. That’s why digital platforms must create their professional and business for boys on social media sites. Although there are three social media sites linked to the official website of, the clingy is that these social media icons contain links to the official social media sites, which means they have just diverted our attention.
  • TrustPilot and Scam Advisor Reports: To better understand, We checked the reviews on Trustpilot, but it was disappointing because of the absence of citriana shop reviews on Trustpilot. We Checked on the scam advisor, and the website’s score is only 13, which means it is entirely safe to use. There are Citriana reviews on scam advisors as well.
Citriana Shop Reviews

Citriana Shop reviews From Buyers

To explore yourself, you must be present on every possible late forum for the digital shops. It is because the customer always uses the available and their favorite platforms to check the retailer and buyer reviews to help them make or undo shopping decisions.

When we talk about the Citriana shop reviews appointed, there is no feedback from the buyers on the official website or social media platforms, and it is not a good thing for the reputation of Besides these official platforms, many Chrome extensions can also give feedback about online retailers.

Some of them are trust pilot scam advisors, and others as well. Examining the reviews on all these extensions, it was approved that there is no feedback about the shop.


  • Color and designs are versatile.
  • Accept payments in multiple methods.
  • The business address and mobile number are shared.
  • The website is professionally designed.


  • They should hide the owner’s identity.
  • The website’s trust score should be higher.
  • Website reviews must be present.
  • The domain age should be older.
  • Website traffic is meager.
Citriana Shop Reviews

Website’s Shipping and Return Policies

For customer assistance, they offer free standard shipping on all orders. They only deliver the products in the United Kingdom. In standard shipping, they take 3 to 7 days for processing. If you want first-class shipping, they will charge and deliver your products in 9 to 15 days.

But for Express shipping, they provide the product in 5 to 8 business days, charging the shipping fee 14.99 $. If you want to return the products, you have 30 days after receiving the order to contact the business owner. They offer a free 30-day return policy for all the products.

There are certain limitations as well in returning the order. If you want a refund for any order, it must be in the original gardens and not used. 

Final Verdict is an online shop for t-shirts and printed designs. They are from the United Kingdom. The price of the clothes is cheaper. They are not looking legal as the website’s trust score is very low.

They have not created a social media profile. Citriana shop reviews are not present on the official website and other platforms.

This website is only 3 months old. The customer traffic and confidence are less than required. The business owner’s identity is not revealed. Summing up, is not a legal website, as proven above. 

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