Deion shop Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Online Clothing Store Or Waste Of Money?

Are you looking for sweatshirts, sweaters, or swimsuits from the Women’s Hotline for your upcoming beach vacation? Are you curious about the quality of their coats and jackets for the fall? Want to stay cozy during the colder months? Check out their stylish suits and warm winter series. Look no further – Deion shop Reviews will provide insights into this online shopping store’s goods and help you make informed fashion choices.

Deion shop Reviews

About Deion Shop

They are a global fashion and lifestyle technology store focusing on making fashion available worldwide. They connect suppliers to our flexible supply chain using “on-demand manufacturing,” which minimizes inventory waste and ensures buyers in over 150 countries can afford our products.

Their product range includes Printed Floral Dresses, MINI Dresses, Summer Dress Sales, Women’s hot collection (including Women clearance sale, Hot sale sweatshirt & sweater), BIKINI (including swimwear and beachwear for women), Autumn clearance (sweater, sweatshirt, and socks for women), coats and jackets (Blazer, casual pants), elegant suits, and the winter warm series (sleeve sweater, high-quality umbrella).

You can reach us at, and they are available Monday through Sunday from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST at our office at Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, UK, N145BP.

Is Deion Shop A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

  • No Contact Number Availability: When a website doesn’t provide a contact number, customers worry because they can’t easily reach the company to ask questions or complain. A company needs to have an easily accessible contact number to ensure a smooth and satisfactory customer experience. Without it, customers may struggle to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Physical Location: It’s concerning that they copied a physical location from another website, a trick online shops use to scam people. So, this raises questions about the website’s trustworthiness, so customers should be cautious and consider their orders carefully.
  • Social Media Presence: A strong social media presence is important for customers to engage with and learn about new products, discounts, and sales. However, it’s concerning that only has 2.1k likes and 2.2k friends on Facebook. Negative comments on their posts indicate that they didn’t fulfill orders and were unresponsive, and some even suspect them of being a possible scam. So, this raises a red flag for potential buyers, and it’s possible that they purchased followers to appear more popular than they are.
  • Extremely Low Trust Score: Deion shop has a trust score of only 1 out of 100 on Scamadvisor, indicating poor trustworthiness and legitimacy concerns. Customers must exercise caution when engaging with or conducting business on this website.
  • Email Address: Deion’s use of a free email service for their email address ( worries me. Most reliable companies typically use paid or business email services, so customers should be cautious.
  • Registration of Domain: Deion domain registration information wasn’t available even after we did a WHOIS check. This lack of clarity is concerning and raises questions about the legitimacy of the name. As a precaution, buyers should be careful before making any purchases.

Deion Shop Reviews By Customers has not included any customer reviews on their website. So, this raises concerns about their credibility and reliability as a business. Reviews are vital for building a positive reputation, driving sales, and improving search engine rankings. The absence of deion shop reviews is a warning sign for real buyers to exercise caution.

We searched for Deion shop reviews on popular review sites like Trustpilot and Trusted Reviews, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any deion shop reviews.

This lack of information indicates that Deion shop might not be a legitimate brand. We advise buyers to exercise warning when considering purchasing anything from this website.

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  • Deion created a Facebook page.
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  • The SSL certificate is not verified.
  • Deion has a low trust score.
  • Deion shop Reviews are missing on the official website.
  • The Tranco rank (the amount of traffic) is quite low.

Sum Up

Deion shop has many red flags that make it difficult to believe it is a legitimate and trustworthy online shop.

The company lacks key information, such as who owns it and a contact number, making it less transparent and harder for customers to communicate successfully.

Additionally, the company uses a copy of a physical location and has little presence on social media, which, along with negative comments, further damages trust in the company.

The fact that Scamadvisor has given the website a very low trust score and that neither the website nor reputable review sites like Trustpilot have any deion shop reviews adds to these worries.

Suppose you want to purchase something from, you should exert extreme alert due to these red flags.


Is Deion a legitimate online shopping destination?

Several red flags question the legitimacy of this, including incomplete owner information and a duplicated physical address.

Why is the absence of owner information concerning?

Customers often seek information to feel reassured and when it’s not transparent, it raises concerns about trustworthiness.

Why is the lack of a contact number a concern for customers?

Engaging and contacting the company is critical for addressing inquiries and ensuring a seamless customer experience. However, this can be limited.

How does’s limited social media presence affects customer trust?

There are concerns about the brand’s credibility due to negative comments about unfulfilled orders and lack of responsiveness.




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