Dragondei Reviews – Think Twice Before You Order Any Product From This Online Store

Have you checked out Dragondei.com for trendy women’s clothing and items? Are you interested in v-neck dress rompers, flower romper dresses with shorts, and classy maxi shirt dresses? Do you want to add some style to your wardrobe with slit maxi dresses, flower bow dresses without straps, or ruffle dresses that go over one shoulder? Are you in search of the perfect earrings or collar to complete your outfit? If so, Dragondei Reviews is the perfect place for you to find what you’re looking for.

Dragondei Reviews

Dragondei.com has been offering a great online shopping experience for women since 2020. They are committed to providing high-quality products and maintain strong relationships with trusted vendors and production facilities. Customers can easily place orders and enjoy quick and free shipping if they spend over $69. 

Additionally, they offer a hassle-free return policy that allows customers to return items within 30 days. If you have any questions, you can reach out to them via email at dragondei@service120.com or by phone at +442086385417. Visit their store located at 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RP, United Kingdom.

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  • Missing Owner Details: No owner info on the website raises honest questions. Customers should be careful. Owner info builds trust and makes shopping better.
  • Copied Contact Number: Using the same contact number on multiple websites hurts the credibility of the website. Customers should verify the contact information before buying to ensure a secure shopping experience.
  • Unreal Physical Address: Its copied physical address raises suspicions about the website’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. This could signal fraud and make customers less likely to trust the business. Customers need to verify the accuracy of an address before making any purchases.
  • Plagiarized Content: This website has copied a lot of its website content from other sources, making it less trustworthy. Customers should be careful and do their research before buying anything.
  • Presence on Social Media Platforms: Its limited social media presence, with only three Facebook accounts and questionable follower counts, raises doubts about their trustworthiness and customer connection. Customers should be careful and assess the authenticity of their social media presence before making purchases.
  • Very Low Trust Score: This website has a shockingly low trust score of 1 out of 100 on Scamadvisor, making it a very risky website. Customers should be extremely cautious and prioritize safety when shopping online.
  • Inauthentic Email Address: The email address listed on the website, dragondei@service120.com, is questionable and might not be unique to the website. This creates doubts about the website’s reliability and honesty. Providing legitimate and dependable contact information is critical in building trust with customers. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all contact channels are accurate and reliable.
  • Domain Registration: It was registered on July 7, 2023, and will expire on July 7, 2024. As a new website, customers may question its security and long-term commitment, making it important to check domain registration details before making a purchase.
Dragondei Reviews

Reading reviews is crucial for buyers to make informed decisions and avoid deceptive websites. It also enhances the company’s reputation. This website lacks customer reviews, it raises concerns about its reliability. This absence of feedback indicates that people should exercise carefulness before making any purchases.

Well-known websites like Trustpilot not having any dragondei reviews can increase suspicion among customers and prompt them to be more careful before making purchases. To ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, customers should choose websites with plenty of genuine feedback.

thumbs up regular


  • The certificate is valid as established by the SSL verification.
  • The presence of this website on social media platforms Facebook.
thumbs down regular


  • Recently, this domain was registered.
  • Scamadvisor gives this website a low level of trust.
  • This website’s email address is inaccurate.
  • No dragondei reviews are available on the website or Trustpilot.
  • This website has copied the physical address and phone number.

Dragondei.com raises several concerns and red flags that potential customers should consider carefully. The website offers stylish clothing and accessories for women. However, it lacks important information such as the owner’s details, and its phone number and address have been copied from elsewhere. The website also has a lot of copied content and is not very active on social media, making it difficult to trust. 

Furthermore, the website has a low trust score on Scamadvisor, and its email address may not be genuine. As there are no dragondei reviews available on the website or reputable platforms like Trustpilot, customers should exercise carefulness and conduct thorough research before doing business with them.

Dragondei Reviews

Is it a trustworthy website?

It is unreliable due to missing owner details, copied contact information, and plagiarized content.

Why is the lack of owner information concerning?

No owner details on a website make customers uneasy and question its trustworthiness.

What red flag does the copied contact number raise?

Copied contact numbers may harm trust in it, discouraging customers from seeking help.

Why is the copied physical address suspicious?

A copied physical address can signal fraudulence as customers rely on accurate addresses to verify a business’s legitimacy.

What does the plagiarized content indicate?

Copying others’ work is dishonest and harms its credibility, making customers doubt its authenticity.

Why should customers be careful of its low trust score on Scamadvisor?

Scamadvisor’s trust score helps customers determine a website’s reliability. A low score means customers should proceed with carefulness and do more research.

To avoid getting scammed by websites, you need to be careful and follow these guidelines:

  • Verify Ownership Details: Always check for clear ownership details on websites to avoid potential fraud.
  • Cross-Check Contact Information: Use genuine contact details on your website to build trust and reliability.
  • Scrutinize Website Content: Avoid websites with extensive plagiarism or copied material from other sources.
  • Research Social Media Presence: Check the website’s social media presence for legitimacy indicators.
  • Check Trust Scores and Reviews: Check the website’s trust score & customer reviews before buying anything.
  • Review Domain Registration Details: Check WHOIS for domain details to assess website legitimacy. Short expiry dates on new domains can be a risk.

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