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Have you considered having a reliable companion to help you in an emergency and prevent you from getting stranded? is the website that sells the Resquestick. This unique product claims to be the ultimate tool for your safety. Wondering how this innovative gadget operates and what sets it apart from other safety products? How does Resquestick keep you safe, and why is it a must-have for unexpected events? Find the answers in Resquestick Reviews.

Resquestick Reviews sells a car safety tool called Resquestick. It’s easy to use, reliable and doesn’t require batteries. The tool is made from solid materials and has a safety cap, keychain loop, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and a comfortable grip. 

It’s helpful in emergencies like car accidents, flooding, vehicle fires, and warming. If you need to contact, email or call +1 (484) 282-7200. You can also visit their address at Savanorių pr. 363, Kaunas, Lithuania.

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The Resquestick product has features that can save your life in a car emergency. It helps you exit the car quickly and easily.

  • Designed for Quick Escapes: It is a user-friendly tool designed for emergencies.
  • Battery-Free Operation: It is a battery-free and lightweight tool that is always ready to use.
  • Industrial-Grade Durability: It is a reliable and powerful car safety tool made from industrial-grade materials.
  • Versatile Compact Design: It is always within reach, whether in your car, on your keychain, or in your bag.
  • Multifunctional Safety Features: It is a handy tool with a comfortable grip, safety cap, keyring loop, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and other safety features.
  • Efficient Escape Process: To escape danger, follow three steps: prepare, break the window, and exit through the broken glass. 
  • Lack of Owner Details: A website without owner information can make customers suspicious. Customers need to know who runs the company before making a purchase. Customers should be careful before making a purchase.
  • The Invalid Contact Number: A valid contact number builds customer trust and helps resolve issues. The website’s contact number, +1 (484) 282-7200, is not working, which raises concerns about the platform’s reliability. Customers should be careful before making purchases.
  • Inauthentic Physical Address: Its provided address (UAB Commercecore, Savanorių pr. 363, Kaunas, Lithuania) is fake, which makes us doubt its credibility. Be careful when purchasing from such websites.
  • Copied Content: Plagiarized content on a website raises suspicions about its authenticity and credibility. Customers are advised to carefully assess the credibility of a website before making a purchase, as a lack of originality and honesty can be detrimental.
  • No Presence on Social Media: Social media is essential for businesses to connect with customers. Without it, customers may doubt a website’s legitimacy and find it hard to interact with the company. So, before making any purchase decisions, it’s important to check the website’s trustworthiness.
  • Unrealistic Prices and Discounts: Be careful of scam websites offering too-good-to-be-true prices and discounts, as their products may be low-quality or fake. Do your research before buying from these sellers to avoid getting ripped off.
  • Very Bad Trust Index: The website’s trust index on Scamdoc is only 1%, indicating it is untrustworthy. Customers should be extra cautious while making purchases and consider all options carefully.
  • Genuine Email Address: The email address appears legitimate as it matches the website domain and has a professional style. However, customers should carefully evaluate the website for negative signs before purchasing.
  • Details About Domain Registration: It is a new website registered on November 24, 2023, with a short life expectancy that ends on November 24, 2024. Customers should be careful before purchasing and consider the website’s trustworthiness.
Resquestick Reviews

Customers must read reviews to make smart purchases and avoid scams. It is important to go through a website’s customer reviews carefully. This website uses an internal review system to attract new visitors; it may be untrustworthy. This behavior suggests a lack of openness and could indicate a scam. Customers should be careful and thoroughly investigate a website’s trustworthiness before purchasing.

When shopping online, it’s a good idea to check reviews on trusted sites like Trustpilot and Trusted Reviews. This website has no resquestick reviews on these well-known sites, which is a red flag and could indicate that the business isn’t legitimate. As a consumer, you should carefully consider the risks before purchasing.

thumbs up regular


  • An SSL certificate that works was found.
  • This website has a real email address.
thumbs down regular


  • The registration for this website is relatively new.
  • According to Scamdoc, this website has a low level of trust.
  • This particular website does not have any presence on any social media platforms.
  • This website utilizes an internal review system.
  • On Trustpilot and Trusted Reviews, this website did not receive any resquestick reviews.
  • A portion of the content on this website was copied.

People have doubts about the legitimacy and reliability of due to several issues. The website lacks owner information, has a fake phone number, and an unreal physical address. 

Additionally, the content on its profile is copied, which raises suspicion. The website’s trustworthiness is also questioned because it does not have a social media presence, offers unrealistic prices and discounts, and has a very low trust index on Scamdoc. 

Although the email address appears real, there are concerns about the short domain life and lack of resquestick reviews on trustworthy sites like Trustpilot. We highly encourage customers to consider the risks before purchasing from this website.

Resquestick Reviews

Who owns it?

The website lacks owner information, raising transparency and trust concerns. Customers should exercise caution.

Is the provided contact number valid?

Invalid contact number (+1 (484) 282-7200) undermines platform reliability and prompts customer caution.

Is the stated physical address authentic?

The UAB Commercecore address in Kaunas, Lithuania, seems incorrect and could mislead buyers.

Do they use original content?

The website has copied content, undermining its authenticity and raising doubts about its credibility.

Is it present on social media?

No social media presence raises concerns about website legitimacy. Social media engagement builds trust, and its absence risks customers.

Are the prices and discounts realistic?

Beware of scam websites with unrealistic prices. Do your research before making a purchase.

When shopping online, being aware of potentially fraudulent websites is important. To protect yourself from scams, you should always be vigilant and take precautions. Here are some guidelines that can help you shop online safely and securely:

  • Research the Website: Research thoroughly before buying. Check reviews, social media, and reputation.
  • Verify Contact Information: Verify website contact info for validity and reachability.
  • Scrutinize Product Prices: Watch out for suspiciously low prices and discounts; they could be signs of scams.
  • Examine Website Content: Check for plagiarism and inconsistencies on websites with high-quality, original content.
  • Check for Secure Payment Options: It is important to ensure your payment options are secure. SSL encryption and trusted payment gateways are one way to do so.
  • Investigate Domain Details: Be careful of new websites. Use WHOIS to check domain registration.

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