Berlin Nova Reviews – Think Twice Before You Order Any Product From This Online Store

Are you looking for the latest fashion trends for women? Are the best place to buy expensive clothes and accessories online? Look no further! It offers fantastic prom dresses, fancy evening gowns, stylish formal wear, beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, stylish homecoming clothes, and chic graduation dresses. Let’s dive into Berlin Nova reviews to get information about the style, quality, and overall satisfaction of customers who have experienced this fashion-forward destination.

Berlin Nova Reviews, the world’s largest online store, offers an extensive collection of women’s clothing for special occasions such as homecoming parties, cocktail parties, and proms. Skilled tailors and workers at Berlinnova’s factories ensure the quality of their clothes. 

Their company is dedicated to providing excellent customer service at reasonable prices. Customers can choose from various fabrics, including satin, sequins, silk, and more. It offers hassle-free shopping with competitive international rates and ships to over 230 countries. 

The brand stands out for providing a safe payment environment, accepting PayPal payments, and offering excellent customer service. Customers can contact them at 101 Room 2 Building, Xinzhuang West Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215000, China,, or +86 18006218123.

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Berlin Nova Reviews
  • Missing Owner Details: A website without owner information can hurt customer confidence. This missing detail is a red flag, so be careful before purchasing. Do your research to ensure the website is trustworthy.
  • Genuine Contact Number: The website’s phone number (+86 18006218123) shows trustworthiness by allowing customers to talk directly about problems. This helps people trust the site more, but buyers should still be careful before purchasing.
  • Inauthentic Physical Address: The website’s fake address raises doubts about its honesty. It’s linked to multiple sites, which suggests duplicated information. People should be careful and research before buying from the website.
  • Engagement on Social Media Sites: Its social media accounts have a bad reputation due to scam claims in the comments section of its Facebook page. Their other Facebook accounts have been inactive since 2022, and their Instagram accounts are also viewed cautiously. Although they have a Pinterest account with 633 followers, their lack of activity and poor feedback on various platforms make people hesitant to buy from them. This highlights the importance of open communication and active participation in building trust online.
  • Low Trust Score: The website scored 26 out of 100 on Scamadvisor, indicating a lack of trustworthiness. Customers should be wary and think twice before making any purchases. It is important to prioritize internet safety and make informed decisions when dealing with websites with poor ratings.
  • Actual Email Address: The email address matches the website’s domain name, but don’t rely on it alone to determine a company’s trustworthiness. Look for both positive and negative indicators to make an informed buying decision. Remember that email is not the only factor in a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Domain Registration: It has been active since November 19, 2015, a good sign for customers. The registration for the website expires on November 19, 2024, adding to its security. However, customers should still be careful and consider the pros and cons before purchasing.

When purchasing, it’s important to read reviews to make an informed decision and avoid scams. We noticed that this website had an internal review system, which could indicate a lack of transparency and make us question its reliability. These actions warn us to be careful and emphasize the need for careful consideration before purchasing.

When we checked reviews on external sites like Trustpilot, we noticed a concerning trend: 79% of the 241 Berlin Nova reviews were negative. Customers often complained about undelivered goods, poor customer service, damaged deliveries, and ineffective refund policies. This feedback damages trust and raises a red flag for potential buyers. 

Additionally, Scamadvisor confirmed these concerns with three negative reviews, further indicating that the website may not be reliable. These results suggest that people should exercise carefulness and conduct thorough research before purchasing.

thumbs up regular


  • The SSL check indicates that the certificate is valid.
  • This website has been around for a long time.
  • The contact number on this website is genuine.
  • The email ID on this website is legitimate.
  • Social media platforms used by this website include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
thumbs down regular


  • Scamadvisor assigns this website a low score of trust.
  • The fake physical address is present on this website.
  • This website utilizes an internal review system.
  • This website received negative Berlin Nova reviews on Trustpilot.
  • This website has received some negative comments on social media networks.

The website is not trustworthy as it doesn’t provide any information about its owner, and the address given is fake. Although they have a phone number, most of the Berlin Nova reviews on Trustpilot are negative, mentioning issues with bad customer service and undelivered goods. 

There are also many claims of scamming on social media, which raises even more doubts. The low trust score on Scamadvisor adds to the doubt. The domain’s age may suggest stability, but anyone interested in buying from this website should conduct thorough research first.

Berlin Nova Reviews

Is it a reliable online store?

It is unreliable due to missing owner details, suspicious addresses, and low trust scores on Scamadvisor.

Does it have a genuine contact number?

It has an accurate contact number, but customers should remain careful.

How active is it on social media?

Its social media presence is unreliable due to inconsistent engagement, scam claims on Facebook, inactive accounts on Instagram, and mixed feedback on Pinterest.

What is their trust score on Scamadvisor?

It has a low trust score of 26/100 on Scamadvisor, indicating potential risks. Be careful before buying.

Is the email address reliable?

Don’t depend only on a matching email address. Consider both positive and negative signs before deciding.

How do reviews on external platforms like Trustpilot reflect it?

A total of 241 customers reviewed this website on Trustpilot. 79% reported negative experiences. Please research before purchasing.

To ensure your safety while shopping online, you must protect yourself from fake websites and scams. Follow these guidelines to navigate the digital marketplace safely and securely.

  • Verify Owner Information: Check the website’s owner information before purchasing to ensure it’s legitimate.
  • Thoroughly Check the Contact Details: Check the contact details on the website. Genuine businesses have valid customer service channels. Be careful if the info seems dubious or there is no phone number.
  • Scrutinize Physical Address: Verify the website’s physical address with reputable sources to avoid potential fraud.
  • Evaluate Social Media Presence: Check the store’s social media activity. Avoid inconsistent or inactive profiles with negative feedback or scam claims.
  • Check Trust Scores and Reviews: Check Trustpilot or Scamadvisor for reviews. Low trust scores or negative reviews indicate a possible scam.
  • Secure Payment Methods: Shop safely online using secure payment methods like PayPal and avoid sharing sensitive financial information with websites.

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