Slimreme Reviews – Is It Trustworthy Online Store Or Another Online Scam With Customers?

Slimreme Reviews – Do you like to wear fashionable attire with trendy accessories? Do you intend to order beautiful clothing with handmade jewelry? Do you know that is an e-commerce store for clothes and jewelry items? Do you want to confirm the legal status of the Have a keen observation of the end of the reviews. In the following article, you’ll learn about the Slimreme business, its product quality, legal status, and the pros & cons of the following website.

Slimreme Reviews


Slimreme is a Chinese clothing and jewelry merchant with some other accessories items. They have the main office in Hong Kong. Yuexing Limited Technology is maintaining the business matters of They sell products like men’s and women’s jewelry, fashionable clothes, and other accessories. Furthermore, the clothing products are available in the size range from the smallest to the most extensive size range.

If you want to buy from them, then after placing the order, your order will be processed in 1 -2 days. Then, it will be shipped in 7 to 21 days. It would help if you remember that they never refund or return any order. You’ll get free shipping over the order price of 37.99 Chinese Yuan. In the below section, we have shared detailed proof of the legality of

Slimreme Reviews

Is A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Designing the new website is not a challenging work. That’s why you can experience thousands of e-commerce websites that are not legal and do their business for scamming. To get the actual status of the website, you must follow the steps below so that you don’t get scammed:

  • Business Owner’s Details: has its company registered in China. Their main office address is also in China. It is a good thing that they have revealed their business. But the shared address is suspicious itself. China’s location reveals suspicions about Slimreme.
  • Social Media Accounts: Digital markets have explored businesses by creating social media profiles. It’s not too difficult to create social media accounts and get a lot of followers. But it is unlucky that has yet to create a single social media handle.
  • Trustpilot and Scam Advisor: On Trustpilot, Slimreme reviews are not present. On the scam advisor, the website has a trust score of 38. It is below the mediocre. These are not good signs for as trust’s core has a significant role in determining the authentication of the website.
  • Domain Registration: Domain registration significantly impacts the website’s authentication determination. This website was registered on 9th July 2023. Its domain registration will end on 9 July 2024. This domain is older than one year. It cannot be considered legit.
  • Business Policies: This website has no return policy. They don’t refund any products. Legal and factual shopkeepers always prefer to refund or return the items. It also indicates that they are not legal and good quality providers.

Slimreme Reviews By Customers

Reviews from happy customers are a deal lock for new customers. There must be official reviews on every platform. Having negative reviews also diminishes the business’s trust. Slimreme reviews are not available on the official website. It is the worst thing that there is no feedback and stars. It diverts the customer’s attention to others with the better choice.

Trustpilot and Scam Advisor are also silent over customer reviews about the Slimreme. We didn’t see any social media profiles, so there is no feedback. Not having a single review on any of the platforms means they are not exposed to the market.


  • The website’s address is shared.
  • The website’s outlook is impressive.
  • Domain is secured.


  • They have no social media handles.
  • There are no Slimreme reviews on any platform. 
  • Domain age is very young.
  • The website’s trust score is deficient.
Slimreme Reviews

Final Words is an international brand of clothing and jewelry. Their company is registered in China. They have the main office located in China.

Their products are available in every trending fashion sense and all size ranges. They have not created any social media handles. Their contact information and business address are mentioned.

The website’s trusty score is 38, which is below the mediocre. Slimreme domain age is only two months old. There are no Slimreme reviews present on any of the platforms.

We recommend that you avoid them because they are not legit.

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