Cesarias Bra Reviews – Is It a Legit Place To Buy A Comfortable Bras Or Another Online Scam?

Are they looking for good-quality bras for women? Stop looking! Cesarias is a well-known online store for its high-quality bras. It has a wide range of choices to meet your needs for comfort and style. Are these bras really as supported and comfortable as they say they are? Let’s look at Cesarias Bra Reviews and see what users who bought Cesarias bras had to say about them.

Cesarias Bra Reviews

About Cesarias Bra

Cesarias is a brand for women that wants to change how underwear is made. Their WIRELESS bra is very comfortable and uses a unique method to give unmatched softness and support.

This means that uncomfortable underwire bras are a thing of the past. Cesarias is comfortable because it fits your body type. Also, it’s healthy because underwire bras can squeeze lymphatic pathways, which can cause toxins to build up.

Studies show that wearing underwires daily raises the risk of getting breast cancer. Cesarias helps avoid the disease. It’s also very sexy and modest, making your natural curves look even better and giving you more confidence for any event. Cesarias is your best friend for comfort and style, whether with friends or at home.

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Cesarias Bra Reviews

Features of Cesarias Bra

  • Ultra Comfy: The Cesarias Bra is designed to be incredibly soft and comfortable, thanks to a unique patented process. This innovative approach allows the bra to provide excellent support without uncomfortable underwires. Plus, with its adjustable fit, you can customize it to your liking and enjoy wearing nothing.
  • Ultra Healthy: Underwire bras can block lymphatic pathways and cause a buildup of waste in the breasts, leading to a higher risk of breast cancer. Many women prioritizing safety and well-being have chosen Cesarias as a preventive measure.
  • Ultra Attractive: Cesarias has made the only wireless bra that is both sexy and comfortable, giving it an ultra-attractive look. Its form subtly brings out the body’s natural curves, giving you the confidence to take on the world. Cesarias becomes your trusted friend, whether out with friends or at home relaxing.

Is Cesarias Bra A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

  • Contact Information: The Cesarias website, which can be contacted through the email hello@cesarias.com, does not provide a phone number or physical address. So, This makes it difficult to trust the legitimacy of the shop.
  • Social Media Accounts: We discovered Cesarias’ Facebook page with only 208 followers, even though they don’t mention any social media accounts on their main website. However, this page is new and lacks many posts, making it harder to trust Cesarias as a reliable bra shop.
  • Trust Score: Customers don’t trust Cesarias, as shown by its low trust score of 40 on “Scam Advisor.” So, This means that the company needs to work on building a better reputation with its customers.
  • Domain Information: Be careful when shopping at cesarias.com. This online bra shop was just registered on 2023-08-08, so there is little information about them yet. It’s best to wait until they establish a reputation before purchasing.
Cesarias Bra Reviews

Cesarias Bra Reviews By Customers

Let’s start by checking out their website’s 689 cesarias bra reviews for Cesarias bras. Seeing so many reviews is strange since the site is new, which raises some suspicion. It’s possible that they used a fake review service to deceive customers.

We checked out cesarias.com reviews on popular sites like “Trust Pilot” and found they were missing. So, This is a major warning sign that suggests that cesarias.com may not be legitimate or trustworthy.

Therefore, being cautious and vigilant when dealing with cesarias.com is important.


  • This site is marked as safe by DNSFilter.
  • They have a verified SSL certificate.
  • Flashstart looked at the site for malware and phishing.
  • Cesarias create a facebook page.


  • Low website trust score.
  • They are using an internal review system.
  • The website is recently registered.
  • The Tranco score (how much traffic it gets) is not very high.

Final Determination

Cesarias, a web store for women’s bras, raises some concerns. They claim to prioritize your comfort, health, and style, but customer reviews suggest otherwise. 

The lack of contact information, social media presence, and low trust score on “Scam Advisor” make it difficult to determine if the shop is legitimate. 

Additionally, the abundance of reviews on their site, but not on reputable platforms, suggests that the cesarias bra reviews may be fake. Recent domain registration and other questionable actions further add to the doubt. 

To avoid being scammed on cesarias.com, exercise caution.


  1. I checked their sizing scale and bought 2 bras from the correct size. They took 2 -3 weeks to arrive and not 2 – 3 days as advertised. I opened them and couldn’t believe the size, I would say they were at least 4 sizes smaller than I’d ordered. The product is also very flimsy and cheap. On contacting them I was told they had no returns policy other than they don’t accept returns at all. I was offered a 70% off my next purchase (!). Looking on trustpilot I see that numerous women have had the exact same experience-should have read the reviews before I parted with my money !

  2. Avoid this company – I ordered multiple sizes and when I saw that you could not return IF you had opened the packaging, did not open the pack when it arrived so I could return both. They then CHANGED terms and conditions to say if you have opened ‘shipping’ pack you could not return. The breast cancer story is fake. Chinese company with web domain in Dublin. AVOID. Reported to my credit card company to get them to red flag it.

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