Glodence Bras Reviews – Are They Sell The Most Comfortable Bra To Wear Or Another Online Scam? Find Out

Are you looking for stylish and comfy bras for women? Want to know about the quality and fit of Glodence bras? Your search is over now! Glodence, a well-known online store for women’s lingerie, has an excellent selection of bras that promise to be supportive and stylish. But do these bras do what they say they will? We read Glodence bras reviews to find out what real customers have to say.

Glodence Bras Reviews


In 2009, started selling silver and stainless steel products in their stylish stores. They are changing the market by creating cutting-edge items and using modern marketing techniques. Glodence has set a fashion trend in Hong Kong by suggesting that people wear silver accessories daily. If you have any questions, feel free to email them at

Features of Glodence Bras

Features of Gludence Bras include the following:

  • Feel Supported With Embraced: Pads enhance bust shape by smoothing bumps and eliminating armpit fat.
  • Excellent for bigger breasts: This bra’s underbust band supports and slims your body. The criss-cross bands improve posture and provide back support. Soft cups can also make you look smaller.
  • Perfect Custom Fit: The Glodence bra has an easy-to-use front hook-and-eye closure with adjustable straps that fit all body types. The super soft straps can be set to three different heights and eliminate the need for additional straps.
  • Breathable material: The Multifunctional Bra is crafted from breathable fabric that promotes airflow, ensuring optimal comfort and freshness.

Is Glodence Bras A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

  • Contact information: Please note that Glodence only offers email support at Unfortunately, the company does not provide a phone number for direct communication, which may make it more difficult for customers to reach them promptly. Without a phone number available, some people may become concerned about the company’s convenience and customer service.
  • Social Media Management: We searched for Glodence’s social media accounts on different platforms but found none. At first, we assumed that Glodence had not yet tried social media. However, this might worry customers who rely on social media to engage with and learn about a brand. A weak social media presence that is difficult to locate could create a barrier to communication and engagement.
  • Trust Score: Scam Adviser, a site that rates the trustworthiness of websites, gives Glodence a trust value of 37 out of 100. This score shows that people don’t trust the brand’s goods and business practices in a big way. With such a low score, Glodence’s potential buyers might wonder if they can trust the company and if it’s real. Because this website has a low grade, people who want to shop online safely should not buy anything from it.
  • Domain Results: We checked the domain info of the website and discovered that it was registered in October 2021 and will expire in October 2023. Furthermore, the website was last modified in November 2022. Such quick changes may raise concerns for some individuals as it could suggest that the website is not trustworthy or is attempting to deceive them.

Customers should be very careful when buying something from this online store. For a safe buying experience, it’s important to be careful and put safety first when using these platforms.

Glodence Bras Reviews

Glodence Bras Reviews By Customers

We were surprised to find that there are no glodence bras reviews. This may indicate that the online shop is new or not well-known, but it could also make people think it’s a scam.

The lack of feedback makes it difficult for potential customers to determine the website’s reliability and the quality of its products. In this case, shoppers should exercise caution and carefully assess the risks before purchasing.

Without glodence bras reviews, it’s important to evaluate the website’s trustworthiness.


  • The SSL certificate is verified.
  • The website design is professional.
  • Flashstart didn’t find any scams or malware.


  • The social media accounts are missing.
  • No glodence bras reviews on the official website.
  • Low website trust score.
  • They have low website traffic.

FAQs of Glodence Bras

Is Glodence Trustworthy?

Glodence’s low Trust Score of 37% from Scamadviser raises credibility concerns.

What About Domain Duration?

Glodence’s short-term domain registration until 2023 and lack of reviews may indicate potential unreliability.

Is Social Media Presence Present?

Glodence’s absence on social media platforms adds to doubts about its legitimacy.

How Reliable are Reviews?

The missing glodence bras reviews and a low Trust Score raise uncertainty about Glodence’s products and operations.

Wrap Up

When all the information is put together, it’s clear that there are several problems with Glodence’s online trustworthiness. Scamadviser gives it a low Trust Score of 37%, making it hard to believe it is real.

The short name registration until 2023, the lack of glodence reviews, and the lack of presence on social media all add to a feeling of uncertainty. Glodence gives an email address for contact, but the lack of a phone number and reviews makes it very important for people who want to buy to be careful.

Before making any purchase with Glodence, it’s best to be cautious and careful since there aren’t many strong good signs.


  1. Don’t buy from this company!!! I received the bras ordered however, they didn’t fit comfortably. When I inquired to return them, per their policy, I found out they have to be returned to an address in China! I would likely pay as much or more for shipping as I did for the 3 bras I ordered. Very frustrating! I will be appealing to PayPal about this.

  2. Joann Kazanjiansays:

    The worst customer service. Bra was not true to size. It was so tight I couldn’t breathe . You must return to their mailing address they never respond to. Beware!

  3. Second the motion don’t buy this bra. They are uncomfortable, and when I tried to send them back, they said it had to be done in a two week window, but they ignored my emails for two weeks and it was then too late to send them back. They do not honor what they say and you have to send them back to China and that has to be sent through US Postal Service, which could take four weeks, and no guarantees they’d even give you your money back, so save yourself some money and some problems and don’t buy them

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