Fosterry Shoes Reviews – Is It A Legit Store For Comfy Shoes Or Another Online Scam?

Do you love to wear handmade genuine leather shoes or slippers for casual or business meetings? Do you want to have gorgeous, durable, comfortable shoes? You’ll be surprised that handmade leather shoes are available online on different websites. There are many online shoe stores. is one of the best online shopping stores for men and women. We have compiled all the essential details about Fosterry in the Fosterry shoes reviews for your convenience. Let’s walk to the end to know every single piece of information.

Fosterry Shoes Reviews

About is a new website for shoe varieties. They aim to launch new fashion varieties and innovative shoes for men and women. Finding a website with diverse varieties for women and men in one shop is difficult. They sell women’s innerwear items as well. The Fadel Beauty Limited company runs them.

Fosterry takes 10 to 20 days to deliver the order. They use multiple methods to deliver the products. They receive payments via different cards and accounts according to the country where you place an order. If you like the products or think their quality is better, return the item with the original packing within 30 days. To get any information, email them at at any time.

Fosterry Shoes Products has the following products for selling:

Fosterry Shoes Qualities

Fosterry is new in the shoe market, but they are claiming the following qualities in their men’s and women’s collections:

  • Handmade: As you know, machine stitching can’t challenge a person’s skills. Through handmade stitching, the shoes remain more durable. Many customers want handmade shoes, and they rarely find them. Luckily, on, they can find beautiful handmade shoes.
  • Softness: They will be uncomfortable if the shoes use fiber or leather. The more uncomfortable shoes you wear, the more you’ll lose your confidence and experience irritation. Fosterry shoes are made of soft leather and fiber to maintain comfort.
  • Vast Variety and Design: is a new website, so they are trying to introduce various varieties to attract customer traffic. They have launched men’s and women’s diverse varieties for buyers on their website. Buyers may get shoes of their own choice at affordable and cheap rates. On this website, you may buy sandals, slippers, casual, business, formal, sneakers, or boots.
Fosterry Shoes Reviews

Is Fosterry A Legit Website Or An Online Scam?

The “about us” section revealed they are new in the digital market. It can also be determined on websites like Whois, Scam Advisor, etc. is only two months old, which means it is too young.

Fosterrry has disclosed the owner’s name, but we have seen this company name and address on many other websites. It means they have copied other websites’ content without permission, like scammers. Along with this red flag, has no social media profiles.

Creating social media profiles boosts website traffic and revenue. 

After complete research and analysis, we conclude that Fosterry shoes reviews must be available on the official website, social media platforms, TrustPilot, Scam Advisor, and many others. The trust score of is the only one that should be much higher.

Fosterry Shoes Reviews

The legit website must be original, positive, and in great numbers. Unfortunately, is a newly launched website, so they have yet to get any reviews on any platform. They need feedback on, social media, Trust Pilot, and Scam Advisor. You must get significant customer feedback before your website traffic grows, and the website trust score will be very low.


  • Soft and breathable shoes.
  • Handmade leather shoes.
  • Free Shipment.
  • 70% Off.


  • Fake Address and owner name.
  • The website has a low trust score.
  • Low customer traffic.
  • Customer feedback is not available.
  • Young website.
  • Social media handles should be created.

Conclusion is a newly launched website. Their main products are shoes for men and women. For those who want to buy from them, remember that they have shared the fake owner’s name and address. They still need to create social media handles. This website is only two months old. Foster has a low trust score and low traffic. They have yet to gain Fosterry shoes reviews from buyers. We recommend you refrain from placing any orders because they need a better reputation. Various scam-determining extensions and tools might warn scammers.


  1. I bought two pairs of men’s shoes via an online ad for fosterry. Both sets were too small by a lot. They were labeled as an international size 46 which is supposed to be US 11.5 – 12. They were more like US 10 – 10.5 which rendered them useless for me. After several emails back and forth, they finally agreed to refund the purchase price as long as I returned them to China. As you can imagine, the cost to do so was greater than the original purchase price. PayPal was of no help whatsoever. After explaining the situation, their response was to echo the refund offer from the seller. So the moral of this story is to avoid this seller unless you have money to waste. In addition to the size issue, the shoes were also poorly made. They had zero arch support, cheap insoles and thin material for the uppers.

    1. Same thing happened to me. I ordered a US size 12 slip on shoe, my normal size. I can’t even get my feet into the shoes, they’re probably about 10 1/2. I blew $48 or so. It’s best to spend twice as much on a pair of Skechers and get a comfortable shoe.

    2. Now they have change or added another company name on to their list of BS shoes calls Fanniey…. using a Ireland address that is a toner and ink company. no Phone#… every email I use came back as undeliverable. Even the same address they use to send me order confirmed was bad. Total scam….. BEWARE…

  2. Sue Himangosays:

    My husband ordered a pair of shoes with our credit card billed on April 24, 2023, We have not received these shoes as of yet. My husband does not have an order number so it may be more difficult to locate, Please respond with a status on this order.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Sue Himango

  3. maximo manimtimsays:

    I ordered a pair that says its good for plantar fasciitis, I ordered size 42 Wide, when I received it the size shows size 42 but in reality its only size 7 in U.S. size and not wide ( its too small) the material is very inferior, and the sole is not soft as advertised. I am not buying from this company again, and its a waste of time returning the product since its going back to china and the cost of returning the shoes is almost the same price of what I pay for it.

  4. Purchased “Men’s Orthopedic Hiking Walking Shoes-Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Heel Pain Relief” which is misleading as it has no support and although the order page indicates “100% Money Back Guarantee” they have no intentions of refunding any amount. Shoes are worthless and dealing with the Chinese (NOT a company in Ireland) is a waste of time. Another scam company to avoid.

  5. Stay away from this “company”. I ordered an American size only to receive a shoe that was too small and had a European size on the bottom. I would have known what to order if this was known upfront. A slow delivery, tracking via an unknown company that said on the day it was supposed to have arrived the order arrived in Shenzhen, China. E-mail was to Jane in New Jersey. Offered to get a 10% refund on the next pair with a crazy narrative that the shoes were so good, I should keep them or give them to a friend. Mind you, I have already paid for them. Return instructions (after 3 email exchanges), were to an address in Hong Kong, at my expense. This company also advertises a similar shoe under a different company name, Fanniey. One more thing, I couldn’t leave a review on their website because it said there is no record of having made a purchase. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

  6. Doug Sanicolasays:

    I bought two pairs of men’s shoes via an online ad for fosterry. Both sets were too small. They were labeled as an international size 46 which is supposed to be US 11.5 – 12. They were more like US 10 – 10.5 which rendered them useless for me. After several emails back and forth, they finally agreed to refund the purchase price as long as I returned them to China. As you can imagine, the cost to do so was greater than the original purchase price. I usen my credit card directly with them so I contested the purschase and recieve a complete refund. Everyone should avoid this seller unless you have money to waste. In addition to the size issue, the shoes were also poorly made. They had zero arch support, cheap insoles and thin material for the uppers.

  7. Andrew Frazeesays:

    Another unhappy customer. They post a 30 day money back guarantee which they will not satisfy. Like everyone above, the size was too small to fit my feet and the construction of the shoes look very cheap. This is the reply I received to my complaint:
    We shipped according to your order. The shoe you ordered are US 9.5, and the corresponding tag size is 42. But you said you wanted WIDE(EE), so we have already sent you half the size, which is size 43, which cannot be smaller. Sorry you are not satisfied with our product. Our product is very cost-effective, you deserve it.
    If you really don’t like it, you can give it to your family or friends as a gift, and they will like it very much. In order to show our sincerity, we can provide you with a 10% discount code for your next order.

  8. Fosterry Co is a SCAM. They are actually a Chinese company (Shenzhen Yuutongbei Technology Co., Ltd) with a Irish “Front” marketing company. They typically send odd sized shoes to which they purchase for next to nothing, to legitimate customers. The sizes are random and will usually never be what you ordered. Their return policy is impossible to comply with because you must return goods to China, which costs as much or more that the shoes.
    Unfortunately, PayPal is complicit in this scam, as they will not refund any money spent until Shenzhen receives the shoes if you are naive enough to return them. (Cost to return is too high relative to cost, and the return address supplies by PayPal is an incorrect address style, the return items will NEVER be received. The scam companies involved have figured a method to dispose of “odd sized shoes” for a retail price. DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM, YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF.

  9. This is a fraud company. they send you the wrong size shoes and when you want to return them they tell you to give them to someone else, and Thell give you a 10 % credit on your next order,

  10. FOSTERRY is a DISHONEST Organization, Do not send them money. AND DO NOT trust PAYPAL to honor their guarantee to refund if FOSTERRY won’t refund. PAYPAL LIED and won’t refund the money expended.
    I order size 12EE shoes. What arrived was size 11? narrow. They did not fit. Fosterry refuses to honor their 100% refund guarantee. PAYPAL refuses to honor their refund guarantee.

  11. Same issues as above complaints. Receive shoes. Shoddy quality, cheap plastic like workmanship with an overwhelming toxic smell emanating from the package, in other words pure junk. Stay as far away from this company! Nothing but a sham operation. After going back and forth with them concerning a refund, they offered me a thirty percent discount or return product for a full refund and have the audacity to offer me a ten percent discount on my next order. Needless to say, I would never under any circumstances place an order with them again.
    I have contested the charge with my credit card company. Scam! Scam! Scam!

  12. Totally bad company! Like others I ordered shoes and they sent me the wrong size, like 2 to 3 sizes too small. Would not allow me to exchange them and even suggested that I gift them to someone. These came directly from China so buyer beware. Crooked as the days is long!

  13. I ordered shoes from them that were about two sizes too small when I got them. When I complained, they said I got the size I ordered, which is ridiculous (total CYA). Then they told me that I could either give them to someone else or jump through all kinds of hoops to send them back in perfect condition for a refund, via an address in Hong Kong that they emailed to me. The address was extremely cryptic: To “Linda” at such and such address in Hong Kong. Sending them back to an international address cost almost as much as I had paid for the shoes themselves. Then, low and behold, a couple of weeks later, the shoes were returned to me because “address does not exist”. So, a lot of money down the drain for nothing but hassle. This is nothing but a scam.

  14. Big old scam, shoes too small, this is what they said:
    Dear Customer,
    Thanks for your mail. Hope everything is fine. If you insist on a refund, please note that you will be responsible for the return shipping costs. Because the transportation distance is long and the time is long, the package may be lost on the road. To show our sincerity, if you are willing to keep the order and give it to your friends or family as a gift, I will apply for an 8% refund to you as compensation, and at the same time provide you with a 10% discount coupon for your next order.
    If you still choose to return, please review the return process below

  15. I placed an order on the company’s website before seeing the negative reviews. I received the shoes I ordered, with a serious defect on the upper front front of the right shoe, just to be sure, I took a photo for documentation. After reading the negative reviews, I don’t even address them with a complaint. Sorry for the trouble!

  16. sorry, the product i ordered-shoes ,was received in a damaged condition on the front of the shos.(order23400)i have a foto of this. after reading the negative reviews i chose not deal with them .

  17. STAY AWAY from this SCAM
    Caution …. Caution….. Stay away from this so called company. They’ll get your money and you’ll never receive what you purchased. Thank goodness for PayPal. I don’t buy anything online unless they take PayPal.

  18. It’s too bad PayPal is complicit in this scam company. PayPal used to be a trusted source for online purchasing because you always had them in your corner if there was a dispute. I guess it’s just getting nearly impossible to trust any business transactions using the internet. Seems like the pandemic was just a setup tool to crash world markets and large retail outlets. Remember all the companies that have supposedly gone under since the biden coup took over and the treacherous, chinese made pandemic all conveniently converged on us at exactly the same time in 2020. Coincidence. Doubtful

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