Zoxepis Reviews – Is It A New Fashion Space For Women’s Clothing Or Another Online Scam?

Do you want to buy something from Zoxepis.com? Are they trustworthy enough that you have placed an order on this website? Wait a while before placing the order on this e-commerce store; online shopping is a little riskier because there is no physical or face-to-face meeting. That’s why research on the website’s nature should be done before buying something. Read Zoxepis reviews to learn more profoundly about the legality nature of Zoxepis.com. Let’s begin together:

Zoxepis Reviews

About Zoxepis

Zoxepis.com is a newly launched clothing store for women’s attire. Fadel Beauty Limited runs this web store. It is situated in Ireland. They sell items like suits, maxis, blouses, shirts, etc. This is the best platform to buy from for people fond of fashion and diverse variety. They usually sell their products all over the world. Zoxepis takes 10 to 25 days for shipment.

Zoxepis charges 4.99$ if your order price ranges between $0 and $39.99. You’ll be charged nothing for orders of more than $39.99. You have 30 hassle-free days to return or exchange defective or incorrect items. They offer such outstanding discount offers that customers’ attention is directly attracted. We found no Zoxepis.com reviews on the official website.

Zoxepis Products

They sell the following items to women:

Is Zoxepis A Legit Website Or An Online Scam?

Zoxepis Reviews

More than two decades have passed since physical shopping was transferred to online shopping for customers’ convenience. In the beginning, all was right, and there was no concept of a scam. But later on, gradually, scammers learned and introduced new ways to do scams and frauds with customers. It has become so easy that, with a little effort, a person can create a website and upload and design whatever they want. But there is always a window to discover how they scam and which factors are shared among all scammers and fraudsters.

Primarily, basic information must be shared with customers. It increases confidence in the business. Ireland-based Fadel Beauty Limited is in charge of regulating Zoxepis. The company’s registration number is 709295. Buyers may only contact the support team via email at support@zoxepis.com. The company name and address mentioned can be copied from any other website.

Talking about social media handles, there needs to be more silence over creating social media profiles. Having no social media handles is a significant flaw in the website’s trust score. With different Chrome extensions, we can check the website reviews online. These extensions have the latest and most authentic information about the searched website.

Reviews will always be available on TrustPilot and Scam Advisor for the legal website. But unfortunately, Zoxepis reviews are unavailable on the extensions mentioned above. Scam Advisor shows the website trust score only for the one with the worst and is undoubtedly a scam.

Customer feedback should be present on the official website. Again another red flag because there are no buyer testimonials for any product of Zoxepis.

The website needs higher traffic. This website is only one month old. For any website to know its legal nature, it must have an age of more than one year. It is too young to be reviewed.

Discounts Offers

There is no specific amount of discounts. But each discounted price is mentioned, which on each item will be automatically added to your price when you add the item to your cart.

Zoxepis Reviews

It is a common practice that we often believe in experienced user feedback on anything we purchase. In digital shopping, customer feedback and rating prompts are installed. On Zoxepis.com, we cannot find reviews on any of the products. There is no separate page created for this purpose.

On TrustPilot and Scam Advisor, no Zoxepis review is present. As mentioned, no social media handles are created, so no reviews are found on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • The owner’s name is shown.
  • The website’s outlook is professionally created.


  • Social media handles are missing.
  • Fake owner names and addresses are generated.
  • Low trust score.
  • Young website.
  • Customer feedback needs to be present.

Final Recommendations

Zoxepis.com is an Ireland-based online clothing merchant. Fadel Beauty Limited operates them. They copied the company name and address from any other website. Social media handles are not created.

The website is young and has low traffic and trust scores. The Zoxepis reviews are also not available. We recommend that the website be newly designed and have a low trust score. That’s why it doesn’t seem legal. Please stay away from them as much as you can.

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