Hikelax Pants Reviews – Must Read This Before You Order Anything

Hikelax Pants Reviews – People who enjoy hiking always search for the best tools for their trips. Hikelax.com has become a popular online store for top-quality hiking gear, including shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, tools, equipment, and shoes. Are they durable, comfortable, and suitable for the path? We will conduct a comprehensive review of the unique features of Hikelax pants in this Hikelax pants review. We will give an honest review, focusing only on the pants that Hikelax offers.

Hikelax Pants Reviews

Hikelax.com is a website where you can shop for outdoor clothing like hiking clothes, shoes, and accessories. Their goal is to make your outdoor adventure better by providing quality clothes. They want you to experience a peaceful and enjoyable outdoor life, so they put quality control first and offer a wide range of important clothing items. You can email them your feedback at service@hikelax.com.

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  • Outwear
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  • Pants
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Hikelax Pants Reviews
  • No Owner Information: The lack of owner information raises doubts about its honesty and reliability. It is important to confirm the authenticity of online websites before making any purchases.
  • Lack of Contact Details: The lack of contact information concerns its reliability. Customers should ensure websites have trustworthy, easy-to-find contact information before making purchases.
  • Absence of Physical Address: The website’s missing physical address raises doubts about its legitimacy. Reliable platforms have verifiable addresses, which is necessary for transparency and trust. Always check a website’s credibility before buying.
  • Unreasonable Prices: Be careful when shopping on this website. Although they offer products at incredibly low prices with many discounts, it may be a sign of possible fraud. Check the website’s trustworthiness before making purchases to avoid scams.
  • Low Social Media Engagement: It has low engagement on social media, which raises questions about its online presence. Their Facebook page has only 1,700 likes and 1,800 friends. This could indicate that they are not interested in connecting with customers or might be involved in dishonest business practices. Customers should be careful when purchasing from a website with limited social media activity.
  • Very Low Trust Index: It has a trust score of only 1% on Scamdoc. It’s not a reliable website and can be risky to use. Please be careful before making any purchases.
  • Authentic Email ID: Be careful with email address service@hikelax.com. Although it appears to belong to a real business, carefully evaluate the website for safety before making any decisions.
  • Domain Details: A new website was created on October 13, 2023. Its domain’s short life expectancy, ending on October 13, 2024, raises concerns about its long-term reliability. Customers should be careful as new websites may not be trustworthy. 

It’s important to check reviews from other customers before purchasing to avoid scams and make intelligent buying decisions. A company’s reputation is also greatly affected by customer reviews. However, the website has no customer reviews for their pants or any other product, which is concerning. This lack of feedback may indicate that the website is not reliable.

I found out that the website has no hikelax pants reviews on its Trustpilot profile. This means that the website cannot be trusted as previous customers have no feedback. If you are considering making a purchase, it is important to be careful and do your research before proceeding.

thumbs up regular


  • The certificate issued by SSL is legitimate.
  • This website contains genuine email addresses.
thumbs down regular


  • This website has been registered very recently.
  • Scamdoc’s trust index for this website is extremely poor.
  • This website is only active on Facebook.
  • There are no reviews from customers on this website.
  • There are no contact details available on this website.

Hikelax.com has multiple problems that raise doubts about its legitimacy and reliability as a platform for buying hiking gear, especially the Hikelax Pants. People are concerned about transparency since no information is available about the owner, address, or how to contact them. 

Moreover, the prices are too low, social media activity is almost non-existent, the trust score is very low, and the domains only last for a short period. There are no hikelax pants reviews on the website or external sites like Trustpilot, which further adds to the confusion. 

We strongly advise customers to consider the risks carefully and explore other more established options for their outdoor gear needs.

Hikelax Pants Reviews

Who owns it?

The lack of ownership information raises doubts about its dependability and transparency.

How can customers contact them?

It lacks important contact information, making it difficult for customers to get answers to their questions.

Why are the prices on the website considered suspicious?

Beware of websites that offer goods at unusually low prices with significant discounts, as they may be fraudulent.

What is the social media presence of it?

Its inactive Facebook page raises doubts about its authenticity.

What is the trust index of the website on Scamdoc?

It has a 1% trust index on Scamdoc, indicating potential unreliability.

When shopping online, staying alert and taking precautions to protect yourself from scams is important. To avoid being tricked by fraudulent websites, follow these guidelines and take the necessary steps to secure your personal and financial information.

  • Verify Website Authenticity: Research website legitimacy before purchasing. Check for reviews, contact info, and ownership details.
  • Examine Pricing Practices: Beware of suspiciously low prices and discounts. They may indicate fraud or poor quality.
  • Check Social Media Engagement: Check social media activity and engagement for possible deception.
  • Verify Domain Details: Use WHOIS to check site details. Newer sites with short life spans may be riskier.
  • Consult External Review Platforms: Look for customer reviews on Trustpilot. Few or negative reviews on the website or external platforms may be a red flag.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Trust your instincts and verify the legitimacy of unfamiliar websites before making any purchases.

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