Lumivyx Reviews – Must Read This Before You Order Any Product From This Online Store

Are you tired of ineffective skincare products? Visit for solutions that work! Check out the Lumivyx 4D-360 Head Shaver or the Lumivyx Air Shave 7 for easy hair removal. Say goodbye to unwanted hair with Lumivyx IPL Perm Hair Removal. Experience new hygiene innovations like the Lumivyx Ear Wax Cleaner and Portable Bidet. Take your health routine to the next level with the Lumivyx Healing Touch Pro. Read Lumivyx Reviews to discover how these cutting-edge products can transform your daily life.

Lumivyx Reviews is an online store that offers a wide range of skincare products for personal care, hygiene, and health. At Lumivyx, you can find innovative items such as the Lumivyx Head Shaver and the Lumivyx IPL Perm Hair Removal System to help you care for yourself. 

In addition, they offer products like the Lumivyx Ear Wax Cleaner and the Lumivyx Portable Bidet for personal hygiene needs. The Healing Touch Pro is also available for those seeking health products. You can reach Lumivyx by email at or visit their store at 1207 Delaware Avenue #220, Wilmington, Delaware, 19806, USA.

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  • Lack of Owner Details: Websites should provide owner details for customer trust. Lack of transparency creates doubts, and customers may hesitate to make purchases. Businesses need to provide complete information to build good relationships with customers.
  • Absence of Contact Number: A phone number on a website is crucial for gaining customer trust. Without it, potential customers may hesitate to do business, as it may indicate poor customer service.
  • Copied Physical Address: A copied physical address on a company’s website raises doubts about its authenticity. False information harms credibility. Be careful before engaging in any business deals on such a website.
  • Low Engagement on Social Media: The website’s low social media engagement, with only 3.8k likes and 9.2k followers on Facebook, raises doubts about its credibility. The minimal activity, negative comments, and attempts to buy followers indicate a lack of interest in customers and reduce trust in the site. People are more careful before purchasing due to the website’s reduced credibility.
  • Very Bad Trust Index: The Scamdoc website has a trust index of only 6%, indicating a high probability of fraud or dishonesty. Users must be very careful before making any purchases. It emphasizes the importance of researching a website before investing money.
  • Genuine Email Address: An actual email address that matches a website’s domain name, like, is a good sign of its authenticity. However, customers should not only depend on this factor. Considering all positive and negative signs for safer online shopping is crucial.
  • Details About Domain Registration: This website is relatively new, registered on December 5, 2023. While its commitment is evident from its expiry date on December 5, 2026, customers should still be careful before making any purchases due to its newness and other factors influencing their safety.
Lumivyx Reviews

Customers should read reviews before buying products to ensure that they make smart choices and stay safe from possible scams. Companies can improve their image by having good reviews. Upon examining the website, it was discovered that there were only a few positive and negative customer reviews. Negative lumivyx reviews revealed that some customers did not receive the purchased products, which suggests the company may be unreliable. Therefore, customers must be careful before making any purchases.

Many popular review sites like Trustpilot didn’t have any feedback on the company, which could create doubt among potential buyers. Moreover, Scamadvisor has shown a worrying trend where most reviews indicated customers were charged for goods they never received and didn’t get satisfactory customer service. Therefore, it is highly recommended that people should be careful and conduct thorough research before purchasing anything, particularly when they come across warning signs like these.

thumbs up regular


  • A valid SSL certificate was discovered.
  • The email address on this website is genuine.
  • On Facebook, this website is active on social media.
thumbs down regular


  • Recently, this website was registered.
  • On Scamdoc, this website has a very low trust index.
  • This website has replicated the physical address.
  • Mixed lumivyx reviews can be found for this website on external platforms.
  • There is no owner information or phone number available on this website. seems untrustworthy for several reasons. Although it has an actual email address and is committed to domain registration, it doesn’t have any information about the owner, contact numbers, or copied physical addresses, which is a serious concern. 

The low level of engagement on social media and the terrible trust rating also raise red flags. Lumivyx reviews reveal more problems, like not receiving goods and experiencing poor customer service. 

Therefore, buyers should be careful and conduct thorough research before purchasing. By being vigilant and considering all the factors, customers can avoid falling for scams and have a better online shopping experience.

Lumivyx Reviews

Is it trustworthy?

Its trustworthiness is questionable due to missing owner details, contact numbers, and copied addresses.

Why is the absence of contact numbers significant?

Customers may think customer service is poor and not buy without contact numbers.

What’s the significance of low engagement on social media?

Low engagement and fake followers raise doubts about the website’s trustworthiness.

Why does the very low trust index matter?

Scamdoc’s 6% trust index signals high fraud potential. Be careful.

Why is the genuine email address noteworthy?

Don’t trust a positive email address like alone. Consider all factors before making a purchase.

Why should customers be cautious about these website reviews?

Customer complaints about non-delivery and poor service suggest potential risks with the website.

To avoid online scams, you need to be careful of fake websites and keep an eye out while using the internet. Here are some tips that you can follow to help ensure your safety and avoid getting scammed:

  • Do thorough research: Research before online purchases. Check reviews and contact info for legitimacy.
  • Check for owner details: Legitimate websites have transparent owner information. Beware of sites that do not do this; it may affect their credibility.
  • Verify contact information: Legit businesses provide contact info. Check it.
  • Assess domain registration details: Check the website’s domain registration using WHOIS. Be cautious with new domains.
  • Review customer feedback: Listen to customer feedback. Avoid sites with negative reviews.
  • Use trusted payment methods: Use secure payment methods to avoid unsecured channels and wire transfers to prevent fraud.

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