Ooijuc Reviews – What You Need To Know Before You Order Any Product From This Online Store

Are you interested in checking out Ooijuc.com for a wide selection of items ranging from Nike shoes to wigs and trendy dresses? If you’re searching for stylish men’s clothing or unique Lego sets, consider reading reviews about this website to discover what they offer. Do you want to learn about the quality and durability of their wigs, like the glueless short bob and Brazilian straight hair options? Find out if their men’s clothing line is as stylish and comfortable as advertised. Check out Ooijuc reviews to get all the information you need.

Ooijuc Reviews

Ooijuc.com is an online store offering a wide range of products. You can find Nike shoes, including Dunk Low, Air Max Scorpion Flyknit, and various men’s sneakers. They also have a selection of wigs, such as Brazilian straight hair wigs and glueless short bob wigs. 

For those looking for clothing, they offer women’s dresses in casual prints and linen styles and men’s custom tennis and polo shirts. Additionally, they sell Lego sets featuring Star Wars and Titanic models. If you have any questions, you can email them at zetakeelot@gmail.com.

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  • Lack of Owner Details: Owner information raises doubts about its reliability. Customers need to know who runs the business to build trust. Without this important knowledge, online customers should be extra careful before purchasing.
  • Absence of Contact Number: The lack of a contact number causes difficulty in reaching them. This absence of communication may discourage customers, leading them to consider other purchase options.
  • No Physical Address: The lack of a physical address raises concerns about their trustworthiness. Customers can’t verify their location without an address, making the business seem less reliable. Customers must review the website’s reputation before making any purchases.
  • Low Engagement on Social Media: This website has inactive social media, including its new Facebook page with no likes, which raises doubts about its trustworthiness. Social media is important for promoting a brand and connecting with customers. Not using it means missing out on potential customers. This highlights the importance of carefully checking a website before making purchases.
  • Low Product Prices: The low prices raise doubts about their product quality. Scam websites use such tricks to attract people into buying poor-quality or fake items. Customers should be careful and do thorough research before purchasing from the website.
  • Very Low Trust Score: It has a trust score of just 1 out of 100 on Scamadvisor, indicating a high risk of fraud or bad customer service. People should be careful and thoroughly research before purchasing from this website.
  • Unreal Email Address: The email address zetakeelot@gmail.com doesn’t match the website’s domain name, which may indicate dishonesty. It’s also used on many services, making it less trustworthy. This makes customers extra careful about its trustworthiness before buying.
  • Domain information: It is a new website registered on March 15, 2024, with a short lifespan that expires on March 15, 2025. This raises concerns about its long-term reliability, making it a risky option for customers. Before making any deals, it’s important to be careful.
Ooijuc Reviews

Reading reviews before buying something is crucial. It helps you choose wisely and protect yourself from scams. Good reviews can also improve how people see a company. This website lacks ooijuc reviews; it’s a red flag you might not want to trust. Always be careful before making any deals.

Research on popular websites like Trustpilot reveals no feedback, making the website seem unreliable. There is a bad review on Scamadvisor, which raises more suspicions. That’s why people need to be careful before making any purchases.

thumbs up regular


  • The validity of the SSL certificate has been determined.
  • On Facebook, this website is active on social media.
thumbs down regular


  • This website is newly registered.
  • This website has an inadequate trust score on Scamadvisor.
  • This website has an inaccurate email address.
  • There are no ooijuc reviews for this website on Trustpilot.

Ooijuc.com has many warning signs that make people doubt its legitimacy and reliability. Potential customers are worried because the site doesn’t share important details like the owner’s name, phone number, or address. There’s also very little activity on social media or in real life. The prices on the site are incredibly low, which raises more doubts. 

The low trust score from Scamadvisor and the fake email address used by the site makes it even less trustworthy. Since the site’s domain registration suggests it won’t last long and there are no ooijuc reviews to check past experiences, you should be very careful about dealing with them.

Ooijuc Reviews

Who owns it?

The lack of available information on the owner raises concerns about transparency and trustworthiness.

Is there a contact number provided?

Not having a contact number makes it hard to talk to the website, which affects customer support.

Does it have a physical address?

Not having a physical address makes people doubt if the website is real and responsible.

How active is this website on social media?

The new Facebook page is inactive and has few likes or followers, which may signal trust issues.

Are the prices on this website reasonable?

When prices are suspiciously low, it often makes people worry about the quality and realness of the product.

What is its trust score?

Scamadvisor gives it a trust score of only 1 out of 100, suggesting it might be a scam or offer bad service.

It’s important to remain alert and utilize certain strategies to avoid being scammed. Here are some tips to help you avoid scams:

  • Research the Website: Research website credibility before making purchases. Check reviews, social media, and contact information.
  • Verify Owner Details: Websites must have owner information, including a physical address and contact number, to avoid potential scams.
  • Beware of Unrealistically Low Prices: Beware of suspiciously low-priced products. Verify authenticity and compare prices with reputable retailers.
  • Check Domain Details: Check website domain registration. New or soon-to-expire domains might suggest scams.
  • Look for Trust Seals and Secure Payment Options: Check for trustworthy seals and secure payment options. Avoid using unsecured or unfamiliar payment methods.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Trust your instincts – be cautious with suspicious websites. Avoid sharing sensitive info or making purchases if in doubt.

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