Ooklea Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Online Store or Another Online Scam With Customers?

Ooklea Reviews – Do you want to buy a comprehensive assortment of decorations and architecture online? Do you love the decorations, lights, and other tech items? Many websites sell these types of things and make your life more comfortable while having visual comfort tools. Ooklea is one of the best websites for tech lighting, visual comfort, generation lighting, etc. The website’s outlook is stunning, but it is necessary to check its legal nature as many scam websites exist online. To know the exact nature of the Ooklea, focus on reading Ooklea reviews.

Ooklea Reviews

About Ooklea

Ooklea is an online website with technological lighting gadgets and visual comfort. For people who love decorating their houses, doors, and home appliances with various lighting and decorative assortments, this website is a blessing, as they have decorative and architectural things. 

Who they are and from where they work is kept from the customers. Customers can contact the Ooklea team with only email. Additionally, they deliver products in 9 to 15 business days, irrespective of the destination. For orders above 39$, the shipping cost is not charged. You must return the item within 30 days of order receipt for defective merchandise items.

Ooklea Products

Ooklea sells the following products online on via its website:

In the categories mentioned above, you will get hundreds of products.

Is Ooklea.com a Legit Website or A Scam?

For buyers, it is always fundamental to investigate the website from their shopping. In the research, they check two main things one is the legal nature of online shopping, and the second thing is their product quality. After assessing these two essential points through different aspects, we have concluded the following results:

For any web store, it is an essential thing that it must share the business owner’s details with contact information. Ooklea, like scammers, has hidden essential information from the buyers. It is the first and big red flag on the authenticity of Ooklea.com.

Ooklea has shown five social media links. But the worst point is that all social icons attached have links to the official websites of the social media platforms. It is a deceiving thing for the customers. If these were the original social media handles of Ooklea, we have another platform to check Ooklea.com reviews.

The website trust score is only one on Scam Advisor. Scam Advisor is warning us that it is reportedly a scamming website. It may also be considered a scam because we found no Ooklea reviews on Trust Pilot, Scam Advisor, Official website, and social media handles. There is no rating of the products of Ooklea.com. The website domain is only three months old. Because of its recent launch, it has no reviews or good trust scores.

Ooklea Reviews

Discounts Offers

  • Ooklea has various discount offers on each item. While you place an order, the discounted price will be automatically added.

Ooklea Reviews

Ooklea reviews are not found on the official website for any product. There needs to be customer feedback on the social profiles, also. On the Chrome extensions like TrustPilot and Scam Advisor, we cannot get any Ooklea.com reviews and product ratings. Refraining from having reviews or customer feedback is a typically bad habit of scammers, and there must be official feedback as the new buyers trust this feedback and then place an order.


  • The website outlook is impressive.
  • The social media handles are created.
  • Free shipping is offered.


  • Ooklea still needs to share the contact details.
  • The website traffic is low.
  • The website trust score is low.
  • Ooklea is a young website.
  • There are no customer reviews found on any platform.


Does Ooklea charge for shipping?

Ooklea charge 6.99$ for standard shipping of order less than 39.99$, and for express delivery of orders less than 39.99$, they charge 14.99$.

Does Ooklea refund or return the defective items, and how?

Yes, they do. You have to return the defective products within 30 days. The faulty items must be in the genuine package.

How many days does it take to deliver the order?

In standard shipping, Ooklea delivers products in 9 to 15 days. For express delivery, they only take 5 to 8 business days.

Last Words

Ooklea is a professional website for decorative items and reselling products. They have been working since 2016. They sell things at affordable prices and of good quality. They have yet to share the contact information with the customers. The fake social media handles are linked. The website trust score is low. The website is young. There are no Ooklea reviews found on any platform. We recommend that they are the scammers on the internet who deceive people. Please stay away from them.


  1. SCAM ALLERT!!!! I am currently in dispute with them. I ordered a chair and never received it. They say it was delivered but it wasn’t. They refuse to issue a full refund. They are trying to keep the shipping amount on something I never received. I have started a charge dispute with my credit card company. Do NOT purchase from them.

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