Kathiadress Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Women’s Clothes Or Another Online Scam?

Kathiadress Reviews – Do you want to have an elegant dress for a special event? Do you want to buy beautifully designed luxury apparel at affordable rates? If yes, then you’re on the right page. We have created a beautiful, stylish dress shop that will attract your attention at first sight. It is an online website named Kathiadress.com. They provide you with many dresses and clothing varieties at discounted prices. The clients love their fashion-forward, hot, and sensual designed dresses. But are you confident about this website’s trustworthiness? Every e-commerce store is not legit, but scams exist as well. So, let’s come with us till the end to know the legitimacy of Kathiadress.com in these Kathiadress reviews.

Kathiadress Reviews

About Kathiadress

Kathiadress is a fashionable clothing and dress selling marketplace. They claim that they work in designing and setting luxury apparel for bold and feminine women. Kathiadress offers jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, and other dress varieties.

After the order is placed, they will deliver the products in 3 to 5 business days, costing 23$ if you select express delivery. If you choose standard shipping, Kathiadress.com will take 8 to 15 business days, charging only 7$. If you want to change the dress, they offer a 30-day postage-paid return policy. To know more about Kathiadress.com, read Kathiadress.com reviews till the end.

Kathiadress Products

Kathiadress has the following products:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms

Kathiadress Specifications

Kathiadress.com clothes and dresses are liked due to their following unique features:

Kathiadress Reviews
  • Diversity: Kathiadress products have diverse fashion styles and designs. They design the clothes in luxurious and stylish ways. Furthermore, the dresses have many designs, and in each design, the dresses are available in all colors.
  • Elegant Look-Giving: Kathiadress designs clothes primarily for bold and feminine women who love to wear sexy and stylish dresses. This unique feature of the Kathiadress adds a more sexy and elegant look to the women’s personalities.
  • Solid Color Apperal: Kathiadress mostly use simple and solid color on the dresses. In research and observations, solid colors attract and add a more sexy look to women’s personalities. That’s why, Kathiadress uses it.
  • Big Discounts: Kathiadress offers many discounts on buying products in bulk. For example, you’ll get 12% Off on buying two products using the coupon KA12. On purchasing three items, the customer may avail of 16% Off utilizing the code KA16. You will enjoy 20% off buying five items using the coupon code “KA20”.

Is Kathiadress.com A Legit Website Or Scam?

Everyone wants to save time and money while shopping. Online shopping, requires more precautions than physical shopping. You’re not contacting the seller directly, face to face. It is very easy to scam online for various reasons. The main factor is that scammers can’t be traced easily.

We focused on critical factors in assessing and investigating Kathiadress.com and then realized its exact value. For a legit website, they must share their fundamental details. The owner’s name, address, and phone number must always be available to the customer. But unfortunately, Kathiadress hasn’t shared any of the crucial information. Customers may only contact them via email (suppport@kathiadress.com). 

Kathiadress has only a Facebook account. On Facebook, they have 516 followers. But on the complete profile, Kathiadress followers have less engagement. On each post, only 3 or 4 people have reacted. Although the reaction is positive. According to Whois.com, Kathiadress.com is more than one year old. Still, it needs to get more Kathiadress.com reviews. 

On Scam Advisor, Kathiadress has a high trust score of 81. Although, Kathiadress reviews are not found on Scam Advisor and TrustPilot, Having no reviews on the official website, social media handles, or extensions is an alarming situation for Kathiadress.com.

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Kathiadress Reviews

For any online website, it must open its customer reviews section. On the official website, Kathiadress.com needs customer feedback and ratings. Even on Chrome extensions, there is pin-drop silence over Kathiadress reviews. Only a few reactions are visible on Facebook. Conclusively, there must be Kathiadress.com reviews.


  • High trust score.
  • Facebook account created. 
  • Diversity of dresses.


  • No contact information.
  • Fewer customer reviews.
  • No ratings.

Wrap UP

Kathiadress is a professional dressing marketplace that exists online. They sell products like tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and other dresses. Kathiadress has hidden the confidential information. They have created social media accounts. The website trust score is very high, with no product ratings. Adding to that, Kathiadress reviews need to be created.

Many negative and positive points are available about Kathiadress.com. Please do more research on Kathiadress.com.


  1. Elizabeth Johnsonsays:

    They do not refund. Cut of outfit was completely wrong from picture, fabric was cheap. Wanted to give me a $10 credit for a $100 order

  2. SAME EXACT THIS FOR ME!! wanted to give $8.00 for a 100.00 order. BEWARE do not shop with this company!!!!! spread the word. I will tell everyone about this company. very poor and cheaply made clothing. I was sent a pair of pants that was cut so small it could not go past the top of my foot. no stretch/give.

  3. This is a scam. You have to wait a month to get your order from China, then they stall and refuse to issue refund.

  4. SAME thing happened to me!! They wanted to give nowhere near how much I paid for the items back and I told them no, to send me the return address. I was then told the factory was in China and it would be expensive to send it back. I was advised to give the items to a friend or resell them. . The product is made very poor and cheap….. I was sent a pair of pants that was cut so small it could not go past the top of my foot. no stretch/give.

  5. If I could rate this less than one star, I would… I ordered a suit set which came in to small. Since the site said easy returns, I did not hesitate to order because I could just return them if they didn’t fit right. When they didn’t fit right, I reached out to customer support to try to get the return process started for an exchange of the right size. (Over a month ago) I asked them how to start the process five times. Each time, instead of helping me return the items, they just asked that I keep it and offered a credit for a future purchase. They will not even tell me how to return it for an exchange all they said was that I will have to pay for the shipping both ways. Which I said was fine, but they still will not give me the instructions on how to return it. Do not buy from this company. Their customer service is awful.

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