Pleasant Cat Bra Reviews – Are They Sell The Most Comfortable Bra To Wear Or Another Online Scam?

Do you need invisible and comfortable bras online? It looks less confidential if your bra is not comfortable and flexible. But multiple brands display many types of bras for women to look confident, and comfortable. Among these online bra-selling shops, Pleasantcat is a famous brand working since 2021. We have observed this website deeply and written various Pleasant Cat bra reviews for customer convenience. Let’s begin with us.

Pleasant Cat Bra Reviews


 Pleasant Cat is a fashion outerwear and innerwear product seller on the digital marketplace. Ansky Company Limited operates in the United Kingdom.

Their products are bras, tops, and pants, and the website delivers them worldwide. For orders under $59, they charge a 7.99 fee. For faulty items, you have 30 days for a return. Further, the website’s outlook is professional, and the policies are well described. We found fewer reviews on the official web.

Pleasant cat Products

 Pleasant Cat sells the following items:

Pleasant Cat Bras Qualities

Below are the important and prominent bra qualities that are present in Pleasant Cat Bras:

  • Comfortable and Invisible: Most of their bras have a V-neck shape that makes you more comfortable. Due to tightening, it adds a more attractive outlook that everyone loves. Bras are designed so that these bras are not visible in any dress you wear.
  • Anti-Saging: With the passing of your life years, the breast starts to sag. Tightening bras are needed to tighten your breasts comfortably and prevent them from sagging. Pleasant Cat bras work as anti-sagging, or, in other words, anti-aging designs.
  • Breathable and Soft: The lace and designed shape make it breathable and soft. If you want to wear bras daily, then Pleasant Cat bras are for you.
  • Thin Fabric: in summer, while wearing the bras, women look stuffy because of the thick and air-blocking bras. But as a blessing, PleasantCat bras are soft and made of ultra-thin Fabric to make them easy to carry and stay comfortable in summer.
Pleasant Cat Bra Reviews

Discounts Offers

  • Free shipping for orders more than 59$.
  • 71% off for backless, U-shaped lace bras.
  • 50% off invisible push-up bras.
  • Pleasant Cat Bras have mind-blowing discounts.

Is Plesantcat A Legit Website or Another Online Scam?

Although the website looks awesome, it is necessary to determine its legal position. As there are thousands of websites on the internet, they deceive people through different tactics. But there are always some common tactics that they use for scamming.

The first thing non-professional websites do is hide their identity from the buyers. Sometimes they avoid even sharing, or sometimes, they share fake addresses. In the PleasantCat case, their address, company name, and phone number are fakes. It is because a professional and legitimate website always types the company name and address. Still, a picture of the address and company name is captured, which is unacceptable to buyers.

The second thing is that the website must have a good trust score, and customer feedback must be present. According to the scam advisor, no PleasantCat reviews were found. The website trust score is 38 out of 100, below that of a legit website. Scam According to Scam Advisor, this website’s customer traffic is extremely low. On Trust Pilot, the PleasantCat reviews are not present. That is a terrible thing for There is no customer feedback or star rating on the official website.

The biggest red flag about PleasantCat is that they have yet to create any social media profiles. This was a way to check the authenticity through engagement and Pleasant Cat Bra reviews in the comments. This website is over a year old but still needs to improve in terms of customer traffic and trust.

Pleasant Cat Bra Reviews By Customers

There are multiple platforms to check commercial website reviews online. You can check it on the official Pleasant Cat Bra reviews page. We were disappointed after getting no customer feedback on

Other platforms include social media profiles and Chrome extensions. Again, I am disappointed. There are no social media accounts, so there are no reviews. Chrome extensions are also silent about the Pleasantcat reviews.


  • Bras are comfortable and invisible.
  • Ultra-thin fabric is used to stay cool in the summer.
  • The website’s outlook is amazing.


  • Fake contact details were shared.
  • Low Alexa ranking website.
  • Low website trust score.
  • PleasantCat Reviews are not found.
  • Social media links are absent.

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Final words

Pleasant Cat is a fashion outerwear and innerwear product seller on an online marketplace in the United Kingdom. They have products like pants, tops, bras, blouses, and other dresses. Their bras are comfy, sexy, invisible, anti-sagging, and made of ultra-thin fabric. 

The website has shared fake owner details. Social media accounts must be created, and the website needs more buyer traffic. has a low trust score and is older than one year. No Pleasant Cat bra reviews are on the official website or other platforms.

As indicated above, has no good signs; they are scammers who are deceiving and cheating people.  

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