Lucklby Clothing Review: Is It A Legit Online Store For Women’s Clothing or an Online Scam?

Lucklby Clothing Review – Are you searching for punky-style outerwear products online at significant discounts? Do you need some floral printed swimwear or outerwear? Online shopping traffic has been increasing daily due to its diverse factors. In online shopping, you can get various clothes, which is effortless and does not require you to go to a specific shop.

Among the thousands of websites, Lucklby is a clothing merchant that sells various clothes and dresses for women. Women like floral and stylish dresses, so Lucklby has clothes of different designs and prints in solid or gradient colors. Before shopping from Lucklby, we have some important information for you in this Lucklby clothing review; Take advantage of that.

Lucklby Clothing Review

About Lucklby

Lucklby is a professional online marketplace for women’s clothing and accessories. This website is registered in the USA, according to its domain information. They sell products like punky dresses, swimwear, coats, jumpers, accessories, etc., all for women. 

Lucklby uses natural materials while manufacturing its products and tries hard to use a material that doesn’t pollute the environment. Their “about us” page must show information regarding the website or business owner. The given number shows that they work from the USA. You may contact the Lucklby team via a contact number or email. There are no reviews on the official website, so trust Pilot. Let’s see whether they are legit or not:

Lucklby Products

Lucklby sells the following products:

  • Punky Style Dresses
  • Cotton-linen tops, pants, lace, and jumpsuits
  • Plus size casual wear
  • Coat
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Swimsuits
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Leg warmers
  • Summer Sandals

Research these main categories more and find your favorite one.

Lucklby Features

If the website is trending on Google, its dresses must be unique. The following are mind-blowing qualities and specialties of their products:

  • Cotton Raw Material USe: Luclby knows well that the dresses should be made from cotton to make them pure, unpolluted, and durable. In winter or cold areas, the cotton keeps warming the body. Customers like cotton linen dresses very much.
  • Diversity: has a variety of products. There are many different types of dresses and clothes on the website catalogue. With various products, customers stay longer on your website and enjoy the outcomes. It reduces the effort as well.
  • Fashion Stuff: Lucklby dresses have simple and floral designs. Even simple designs add more beauty while wearing. After wearing simple or floral-style dresses, your sexy look will glow more.
  • Plus Size: Plus-size dresses are rarely found in online shopping. Lucklby is a professional and customer-caring marketplace, so they have dresses from the smallest to the most extensive plus-size clothes.
  • Free shipping and Discounts: Lucklby offers up to 80% off and free shipping for orders over 79.9 dollars. The more significant the deals, the more customer attention will be attained. It is a plus point for Lucklby.

Is Lucklby a Legit Website or Scam?

The online store is not a risk-free shopping method. Even though online shopping has many pros, one of the biggest cons is getting scammed by this website. Still, we must pay attention to online shopping, but preventive measures can be adopted to save ourselves from spam websites. Some critical factors can be utilized to filter the scam website from the real one.

In the following case, Lucklby only disclosed the contact number. It is a fundamental factor of the website that it must share the business owner’s address, name, and details. It increases customer confidence and thus increases the trust score of the website. The second important factor is that Lucklby has not created any social media forums. Webshops must have social media forums so customers can react to and review them. In this case, Lucklby has yet to have any Facebook or Instagram page where we may find Lucklby reviews.      

Other platforms where we may see “Lucklby clothing review” trust pilots and scam advisors. On the trust pilot, we didn’t see any Lucklby clothing review. They have a white paper, in this case. Scam Advisor analyzes many factors and then calculates the website’s trust score. According to tier official reports, its trust score is the only one with a warning flag for customers.

The scam advisor says that Lucklby has yet to share the contact details and social media handles, the website traffic is low, the website server is hosted in a high-risk country, and it cannot analyze the website content, that’s why the website trust score is meager. There are some technical issues also occur on this website. was registered on 24 September 2021. The website domain is purchased from a company that works in a country with a poor reputation with Google. Website traffic is meager after seeing the website age.

Discounts Offers

  • The Happy New Year sale is 80% off.
  • Free shipping over 79.9$.

Lucklby Clothing Review from Customers

Lucklby has low traffic, thus few Lucklby clothing review. Customer feedback decreases and increases the website trust score. But in this case, Lucklby reviews are only found on the official website. Also, on the trust pilot, we found nothing about Lucklby. The scam advisor has three Lucklby clothing review. Among them, only one is against They have given five stars based on one rating.


  • Verified SSL certificate.
  • Good website interface.
  • A large variety of products.


  • There aren’t many people visiting this webpage.
  • The owner of the website is utilizing a paid service for hiding his name on WHOIS.
  • Trust score 1 out of 100.
  • No reviews on trustpilot and site jabber.


Does ship free?

Lucklby offers free shipping on orders of $79 or more. 

I want plus-size dresses. Is it available on

You may get the plus size and most nominal size dresses at Lucklby.

Can I get a return or refund on Lucklby?

Yes, you may free return or refund within 14 days.

What is the shipping policy of

It delivers products between 7 to 10 business days. Shipment is free for orders over 79.9$.

Sum Up

After complete analysis and observation, it is transparently visible that there are no good signs for Lucklby has a low trust score and low traffic. ignores the essential points. That’s why we do need better words for

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  1. Do NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. They are a scam. Send wrong products and do not refund or return according to the stated policies. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

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