Chelloz Bra Reviews – Is It A Trustworthy Product or an Online Scam?

Does your older Bra irritate or distort your breast shape due to poor design and material? Do you want to buy a breathable, moisture-wicking bra for summer? If your Bra is painful and uncomfortable, you need a Chelloz bra. These bras are soft, shaping, and moisture-wicking bras for women. They are the best ones in terms of comfort and weight. They sell their products worldwide each day. Adding more, Chelloz bra reviews will verify their Bra’s quality and standard of service.

Chelloz Bra Reviews


Chelloz. Co is a professional web store selling outerwear, kitchenware, and accessories. Chelloz mainly sells bras that women love due to their unique and superior qualities. Chelloz receives the order and processes it in 3 to 5 business days. After the order processing, delivers the products in 5 to 10 days in the USA and 10 to 15 days in other countries. Buyers have only five days for defective items to apply for a refund or return. Buyers may cancel the order within 06 hours of order placement. We have seen good words in Chelloz’s reviews for this e-commerce store.

Chelloz Bra Features claims the following excellent qualities in their bras:

Chelloz Bra Reviews
  • Fit for All Breasts: Whatever your breast size is, Chelloz bras are fit for it. They manufacture bras in all sizes, keeping them elastic for women’s comfort.
  • Style and Support: Chelloz bras are unique in comfort, style, and support. Because it has no spills, slips, poking, or irritation, its style and designs make it comfortable and supportive.
  • Underband Lift-up: Chelloz bras lift the breasts if their size is larger. It supports small and big breasts. These bras work inside the cups for support.
  • No Breast Distortion: Unlike other bras or brands, Chelloz bras cover the entire breasts so that the breast shape doesn’t distort.
  • Stretchable Wireless Back: Chelloz bras are so stretchable that they don’t dig into the body and feel your pain. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable while wearing it.
  • Moisture Wicking: As hot weather is coming, the bras should absorb moisture. They use nylon and spandex, that absorb moisture and dry.
  • Breathable: Cheeloz bras are made up of only 0.2cm of material, and they have unlimited pores that make them comfortable at any temperature. Due to these pores, the air passes and is the comfortable bra in hot weather.

Discounts Offers

You’ll save 5% on each item if you buy two. If buyers buy three items, Chelloz will give you 10% off each item. You will enjoy 15% off each item on purchases of five items. If your complete order price is more than 99$, then you’ll enjoy free shipping, irrespective of the order destination.

Is A Legit Website Or A Scam?

Digital shopping is comfortable and relaxing, but at the same time, it is more risky than offline shopping. So, we should be alert before placing any order on any website. to place an order on through the Chelloz bra reviews to determine this website’s original value. First, check the website’s owner’s name, address, and contact number. Scammers never share their confidential details. But the owner’s name and other related information must be shared with the customers if you’re genuine. 

Chelloz has no social media handles. These days, creating social profiles is a legitimacy-checking indicator. Social media profiles add plus points to the website’s value and vice versa. On Trustpilot, there are no Chelloz bra reviews to check. On the official website, the Bra’s overall rating is 5/5. Few negative Chelloz reviews are found. 

On Scam Advisor, Chelloz has a trust score of 53. It has a medium-high trust score. Chelloz bra reviews are not present in this extension. This website is five months old. It will be considered a young website.

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Chelloz Bra Reviews

Chelloz bra reviews are available on the official website. These reviews are positive and negative. Most of the buyers are satisfied with the Chelloz bras. Overall, the bra’s rating is 5/5. We didn’t find any reviews on TrustPilot or Scam Advisor. On the official website, out of 12 customer testimonials, two did not support the Chelloz bras. The remaining are satisfied with the product’s quality and services. 


  • Wireless, stretchable, supportive, and comfortable bras.
  • Fit for all sizes.
  • No spills or slips.
  • No poking or irritation. 
  • Smooth back.
  • Good reviews
  • 5/5 star ratings.


  • No contact details.
  • Social media profiles are absent.

Sum Up is a professional website that sells housewares, kitchenware, home living, outerwear, and accessories worldwide. They offer free shipping and pay, depending on the order price. Chelloz offers various discounts. They hide their contact and social media details. They have a 53 trust score. The product’s rating is 5/5, which is superb. They have mixed types of Chelloz bra reviews on all the platforms. 

In conclusion, has many plus points, but some negativity is found. Kindly do more research on it before you place any order.

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    How do you contact celloz. I ordered a bra a month ago and haven’t received it. I have the order number etc

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