Niveja Shoes Reviews – Is It The Best Place To Buy Orthopedic Shoes Or Another Online Scam?

Are you looking for Niveja Shoes reviews? Curious about their orthotic vintage shoes and sandals? Do they have the style and comfort you want? Stop looking! We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Niveja Shoes. Are their shoes therapeutic, and do they give your feet the support they need? How do their old designs look, and how well do they hold up over time? Come with us as we look into Niveja Shoes and find the answers to all your problems.

Niveja Shoes Reviews

About Niveja Shoes

Niveja is the best way to eliminate pain in your feet, heels, hips, and back, so you can move around again without pain. Unhealthy feet not only hurt but can also cause pain in other parts of the body, like the heel, knee, hip, and back. This can make everyday life very difficult. Niveja offers a range of affordable orthopedic sandals that are meant to help with these problems. They are made with the highest quality in mind. Niveja wants to improve your general well-being by putting comfort and functionality first. You can email them at if you have any questions or need help.

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Return Policy

The return policy for Niveja gives customers 30 days to return items. After that, refunds or swaps cannot be given. To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused, in its original packaging, and in the same state as when it was received. But you can’t return perishable items, private or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, liquids or gases that can catch fire, gift cards, software you can download, and some health and personal care items. To finish the return process, you need a receipt or other proof of purchase, and customers are told to keep their purchase from the manufacturer.

When Niveja gets the returned item and looks at it, they will let you know by email if your refund request was approved. If the refund is accepted, it will be processed and sent back to the original payment method within a few days. Customers are told to check their bank account, call their credit card company, and reach out to their bank if their refunds need to be on time or show up. They can also email Niveja at if they need to.

The return policy says that only things with regular prices can be returned for a refund. You can’t get your money back for selling things. Items can only be exchanged if they are broken or don’t work. Customers who want to make an exchange should send an email to and then follow the directions that come with the email. When customers return things, they have to pay for their shipping costs, which cannot be refunded. If you get a refund, the cost of sending the item back will be taken from the total amount you get back. The time it takes for customers to get their exchanged goods may depend on where they live. For items worth more than $75, it’s best to use a shipping service that can be tracked or think about buying shipping insurance since Niveja can’t promise that returned items will be received.

Benefits Niveja Shoes

Orthopedic shoes from Niveja have several great perks for foot health and general well-being:

  • Helps with all kinds of foot pain: Niveja shoes are made to help with all types of foot pain, giving warmth and relief to people in distress.
  • Perfect support of the foot’s arch: This helps keep the foot in the right place and relieves stress on the feet.
  • Prevents serious joint problems: Because Niveja’s Orthopedic shoes offer the best support and comfort, they help prevent severe common issues from wearing the wrong shoes.
  • Relieves pain in the heel, hip, ankle, and back: These shoes are made to alleviate pain in the heel, hip, ankle, and back. They do this by giving targeted relief and causing the foot more comfortable overall.
  • Corrects your posture by straightening muscle imbalances: Niveja’s Orthopedic shoes help correct posture by putting out-of-whack muscles. This gives the body better alignment and support.
  • Enjoy the lightness and comfort of bare feet: These shoes feel as light and comfortable as barefoot, so you can move naturally and be more comfortable all day.

Is Niveja Shoes A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

We looked into to see if it was real and found several things that worried us. First, the lack of an “About” page raises questions because it doesn’t tell potential customers essential things about the company’s history and beliefs. Also, the fact that only an email address ( is given as a way to get in touch is a red flag. For customers to believe and be able to get help from an online store, the contact information needs to be straightforward to find.

The second thing we did was check out’s social media presence. Unfortunately, we found that the website doesn’t have any social media pages. People might be suspicious of a business that isn’t active on social media since actual companies usually have active accounts on popular social platforms where they can talk to customers and show off their goods.

When we looked into it more, we found that had a low trust score of 1 out of 100. With this number, there are a lot of questions about how honest and trustworthy the website is, which means it’s likely a scam. Checking the website’s information on WHOIS also showed that was only registered on 2022-12-07 and will be taken down on 2023-12-07. The fact that it was just written and will only be good for a short time may make it seem less credible and trustworthy.

Based on our findings, which include the lack of key website pages, incomplete contact information, the lack of social media accounts, a low trust score on scam advisor, and the fact that the website was just registered, we strongly advise you to be careful if you’re thinking about buying something from All of the proof points to the fact that this website is not real and may be a scam.

Niveja Shoes Reviews

Niveja Shoes Reviews By Customers

When we looked at for customer reviews, we were surprised by how few there were. There are no reviews on the brand’s main website, which makes people question how honest and genuine the brand is. We also need help finding any social media accounts for Niveja, which shows that the company doesn’t connect with its customers. This lack of reviews on the website and social media is a red flag for potential customers looking for trustworthy Niveja Shoes reviews.

Despite our best efforts, we also needed help finding customer reviews on well-known review sites. The fact that no reviews on reputable websites add to the doubts about Niveja Shoes. With customer reviews, it’s easier to know if the shoes on are good, comfortable, and reliable. Because of these things, customers should be careful and only buy something from once they can find credible and verified Niveja Shoes Reviews from trusted sources.


  • Verified SSL certificate.
  • This page is safe, according to DNSFilter.


  • The About page is missing.
  • No Niveja Shoes Reviews reviews on the official website.
  • Social media accounts are missing.
  • Recently updated website.
  • The owner’s details are missing.

Final Judgment

In the end, the research into Niveja Shoes reviews and the legitimacy of have shown several alarming red flags. Starting with the lack of an “About” page and incomplete contact information on the website and ending with the lack of social media accounts, these things show a lack of openness and interaction with customers. 

Also, the lack of customer reviews on the official website and well-known review sites makes me wonder if Niveja Shoes is authentic and can be trusted. The fact that has a low trust score on scam advisor, was just registered, and doesn’t have an endorsement from Trend Micro are all more signs that it is not an actual website. Given all the proof, potential customers are encouraged to be careful and wait to buy Niveja Shoes until credible and verified Niveja Shoes reviews are available from trustworthy sources. Because there isn’t any customer feedback and there are a lot of red flags, could be dangerous, so people should put their safety first and choose a more famous and trustworthy site.

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