Buwisha Shop Reviews – Is It Trustworthy Online Store Or Another Online Scam With Customers?

Do you want to buy luxury items from a Buwisha shop? Are you 100% sure they will provide the actual product in excellent quality? If you are an experienced online buyer or it is your first experience buying something online, then it is advised that you should verify the trustworthiness of that digital retailer. Buwisha.shop is designed beautifully and professionally. However, customers still need to judge their primary details, like who owns this website from where they work, and which type of quality products are offered on this Web store. To ease your worry, we have shared detailed Buwisha Shop reviews in which everything about their website is mentioned.

Buwisha Shop Reviews

About Buwisha.shop

Buwisha.shop is an innovative retail shop for buying something which is an excellent addition to your hobby of luxury items. These luxury items have various styles of products available at very cheap rates. Their domain is registered in the USA State. This domain is very secure and has valid SSL certificates. 

They have a passion for creative subjects, innovative and luxurious for people worldwide to make their hobby fun. Having a hobby is a field test, but to entertain yourself in your hobby time, it is preferred that if you have numerous styles and designs of the products, your hobby will be your user experience and entertainment at times. Their products are 5-star rated, so let’s overview the website to find the characteristics that make this unique from other websites.

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Buwisha Shop Products

Buwisha.shop sells the products that fall in the following main menu:

  • DIY Engine
  • Fdny Fire Trucks
  • Coin
  • Garden kits
  • Hall of Fame American
  • James Bond Series 007 American
  • Brilliant uncirculated American Silver Eagles
  • Quyast Coin
  • Car model

Adding more, you can order anything from them because they also accept customized orders.

Buwisha Shop Reviews

Is Buwisha Shop A Legit Website Or Another Scam? 

Online retailing and purchasing can give you comfort and ease of shopping without extra effort. Whenever you want to buy a particular item from online platforms, there are several options because of the saturation of online shops for each product. Most people develop a website and start reselling products all over the world. Among these people, they have two types. One is they are legit and good quality providers, and the second is scammers who only developed websites to steal the money used to blackmail you later. To know about the website’s legality character, check the following factors individually to confirm their spamming or originality.

First, check about us in website ownership. If they have yet to share the ownership details and phone numbers with the clients, there is a high risk that they don’t want their identity to be revealed. Scammers mostly use this tactic. And like scammers, the Buwisha shop hasn’t revealed the details. On the second number, we prefer that, like all big brands, all retail shops should create social media handles to approach customers and build more trust in them. Although Buwisha has linked the social media site’s profiles to the official website, it is disappointing that these social media sites direct us to the official website of these social media channels. Having no social media accounts is reasonable, but deceiving customers through these unnatural links is not a gentle approach.

Buwisha.shop has a cheap domain that is easy to buy and utilized for doing fraud with people. Such cheaper domains are used by spammers often. The website domain is secure and safe. They have valid SSL certificates.

Before you place the order, you must assess the website on other extensions and tools. Trust pilots; they still need to review them. So we have got no Buwisha shop reviews on trust pilots. If we talk about its trust score, you will be surprised as they have a high trust score index. They have a 76 trust score which is reasonable for any online shopkeeper. But they also have no Buwisha.shop reviews on Scam Advisor. This website domain was registered in May 2023, which means they want to pass a reasonable time to add the essential points to their profile. In conclusion, they have fewer positive highlights of the Buwisha Shop.

Buwisha Shop Reviews

Our team has worked hard to find the customer’s opinions about the Buwisha Shop. They have created a separate page for customer reviews on the official web. We found that 95 Buwisha shop reviews are found on the official website. Ninety-three customers have rated the Buwisha shop with five stars. Only two customers have 4-star ratings about them. While social media accounts are not original, that’s why there is no chance of having customer feedback on social platforms. While on other Chrome extensions like trust pilot scam advisors and scam detectors etc., we are very disappointed to share that there are no Buwisha Shop reviews. Only the internal review system has a few reviews, but the external review system is empty, meaning they have generated the reviews anonymously.

Buwisha Shop Reviews


  • The website’s trust score is 76, which is very much suitable.
  • Customer reviews are present on the official web.
  • The website is professionally designed.


  • The website’s owner hasn’t revealed himself.
  • They share no phone number.
  • Only the internal review system has customer feedback and ratings.
  • The domain age is very young.
  • Domain price is very low.
  • Fake social media links are generated.
  • According to Tranco reports, they have a low number of traffic.

Sum Up

A Buwisha shop is an online retail shop selling products that a person with any hobby often buys. They sell products in the affordable price range, all of which are high quality. They have hidden their official information from the clients, which is unacceptable to online buyers. They have social media accounts links on the official website, which directs the customers to the official social media site. The website trust score is very high, but no Buwisha shop reviews on Scam Advisor and TrustPilot exist. Other websites that have reviewed them have highlighted the negative points. There are few Buwisha.shop reviews on the official website that have only positive sides. We recommend that you order on this website with signs of trustworthiness. 

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