Duefe Reviews – Is It A Legit Online Store For Women’s Clothing Or Another Online Scam?

Duefe Reviews – Do you want a dress that will make you look more stunning and profound? If you are getting your first online shopping experience and must buy comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy clothes at giant discounted prices, Duefe.com is an international retailer of clothes and dresses.

Duefe.com is an all-in-one portal for dress shopping. These dresses are so charismatic that viewers keep their sights on you because of the attractive showcase. Whether you have done online shopping, got scammed, or made a first-time online purchase, read about their hidden and necessary information in the Duefe Reviews.

Duefe Reviews

About Duefe.com

Duefe.com has a wide variety of clothes and dresses on its portal. They use cotton and elastane for their collection’s manufacturing. They sell the products in all sizes. The color varieties and design variations are the main commitments of Duefe.com.

Duefe products are made and delivered in the US and South Carolina. They take 35 days for actual delivery. You have to order at a high price to reserve free delivery. Duefe.com offers a free return if it is requested within 30 days. People on their official portals are happy with customer service, product quality, and quantity.

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Duefe Clothing Collections 

Duefe.com has showcased the following items on its website portal:

  • Tops
  • Casual Dresses
  • Sweaters & Cardigans
  • Two pieces sets
  • Outerwear
  • Dresses(mini, midi, and maxi)

Duefe Clothing Specifications 

Duefe clothes have the following immense qualities:

Duefe Reviews
  • Natural Fiber Use: Duefe.com uses cotton, a piece of natural fabric with no disadvantages. Due to cotton’s use, its thickness can easily be modified. It makes clothes more soft and breathable. As it is an organic material, it has zero waste material.
  • Versatile: Due to various forms and types of cotton, dresses by Duefe can be manufactured for all seasons. It is versatile in thickness, comfortable, softness, and strength. Due to the above features, Duefe dresses are versatile.
  • Non_allergic Dresses: As organic material dresses, these have no allergic or hygienic issues. So every type of person can wear their dresses.
  • Weather resistant: they have blended the cotton with elastane, making the dresses resistant to any harm from sunlight, oil, or perspiration. If these factors don’t affect the dresses, it indirectly enhances their durability.

Is Duefe.com A Legit Website or Another Scam? 

We have listed below all the pros and cons of Duefe.com so you may understand.

If you’re looking for their ownership details, they are not disclosed. They have been confused about us. It only tells us that their workers’ community has much experience from many retailing and manufacturing shops. Hiding the owner’s information itself loses the customer’s confidence.

Duefe fashion store has two social profiles, and these profiles have a relatively small number of community followers. Every legit store must have good follower numbers and also positive engagement. But in the posts of Duefe, there was an angry reaction,s which means that they are not happy with whatever they have received.

On Trustpilot, there are 24 Duefe reviews which have overall ratings of 3.4 stars. Although it is an average rating, it happens with every type of e-commerce portal. Six reviews on Scam Advisor are found, and the product rating is four stars out of 5. Other reviews analyzing tools and extensions have yet to respond about Duefe.com, meaning they need more attention from Google and other useful tools. On Whois, this Website is more than one year old. That’s why it has few reviews and ratings on social media, official sites, and other extensions. The domain is secure and safe to use.

Duefe Reviews

Duefe Reviews from Buyers

On the official website, the customers have rated them five stars and good highlights about Duefe. These Duefe Reviews are in favor of Duefe.com. On Social media, We saw that the reviews are awful and aggressive. While on TrustPilot, they have 3.4-star ratings, which are reasonable for any commercial website. On Scam Advisor, there are few reviews but 4-star ratings. Other websites that have shared their opinions could have better feedback.


  • They use organic fabric.
  • Social media profiles are created.
  • The clothes are versatile.
  • Their dresses are breathable, comfortable, and soft.
  • Customer reviews found.


  • The website trust score is shockingly low. (only one trust score index).
  • Negative remarks about Duefe on Facebook.
  • Web’s ownership is not revealed.
  • Facebook and Instagram have less community.
  • The website owner has not shared their contact details.

Final Verdict 

Duefe.com is a fantastic website for dress retailing. Duefe clothes have cultivated and fashioned varieties. They retail in each size range. You may buy each item in different colors. They ship in 35 business days and accept return requests in 30 days. Duefe ships free for orders above 79$.

They have not revealed the owner’s details to the buyers on the official website. A phone number is still required. The website trust score is low. Traffic on the website could be more manageable. There are mixed types of reviews on all portals. We recommend that they are not legit and are good quality providers. 


  1. Duefe is a scam – not in the USA. Products made in China!

    The company is a scam. I am going to begin posting on every platform I can. They are not in South Carolina – they do NOT offer easy returns – their products are NOT made in the USA. My wife has been trying to return cheap quality clothes she ordered from them and they are not accepting it. I am committed to telling everyone about them and their SCAM company. Their clothes are made in China, their return warehouse is in Dubai.

  2. Beth Vickerssays:

    Duefe is a scam and products are NOT made in South Carolina as advertised. The product was shipped from Jamaica.

    Since they advertise as being in South Carolina I tried finding them up on the Better Business Bureau but because they are not a USA company and therefore not listed on the BBB. They do NOT offer easy returns – I have been trying to exchange a poorly made dress. They advertise they will exchange a product for different product as long as it’s in the same size as originally ordered, but their responses to my request aren’t written in complete sentences and they keep giving me ridiculous excuses to not accept the exchange.

  3. Sherry Kellysays:

    All their items have a size label not the company name. The products are not quality like they claim. They also claim the items are made in South Carolina, however, I have seen the same items on sites that are from China. I am also having a problems getting refunds on my items. Thank goodness I paid thru Paypal.

  4. I will also add that it may legitimately sell clothes, but there is no real return policy. If you get the wrong size or you don’t like what you buy there is no way to return it despite them acting like there is a return policy. They say the returns are for defective workmanship which means like holes in it or something so if a Medium doesn’t fit you, so sorry, you are stuck with it. They are in China and don’t want to pay for shipping. Still have open dispute because they won’t let me return the items. I am very frustrated and wish to warn others. This is very unfair so if you order, be sure that you know it could take 6 weeks to receive your product, the quality and material may be very low and the size may not fit and you will be stuck with it.

  5. The quality and style of the products are nothing like what is shown on the website.
    I have requested to return the items and they are trying to negotiate with me, offering $18 for $100 worth of items, saying that I do not need to return the items. That clearly shows that the items have not value.
    Now they are telling me I should accept their offer as I would have to return the items to Dubai! Their website says NOTHING about returning to Dubai. It explicitly states that all items are made and shipped from South Carolina. What a farce.

  6. This is not the quality the website suggests, and none of the clothes are made in the USA. Also, if you don’t like them, do not expect a refund or return, as the returns go to Dubai, and the cost of shipping to Dubai. They will offer a fraction of what you spent.

    Quality is comparable to Temu, not even as good as Shein, and way WAY more expensive.

    Save your money!!

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