Dressista Reviews – Is It A Legit Place To Buy Women Trending Clothes Or Another Online Scam?

Dressista Reviews – Do you want to unlock your potential with floral designs? Are you searching for an online website with all the items you need for daily use in one place? If you see a bucket of different flowers, it will be challenging to make any difference among them based on their qualities. That’s why online shopping for clothes is complex, especially choosing the right website with rich and high-quality fabric. Numerous online stores await your arrival due to the abundance of clothing brands.

Dressista.com is an online clothing and fashion store for women. Their dresses are recognized for their versatility, introducing new styles every week, vibrant imagery, and engaging graphics. To confirm their existence and quality, have an incredible journey with us!

Dressista Reviews

About Dressista.com

Dressista.com is a one-stop shop for dresses, clothes, headphones, shoes, bags, and jewelry items; Every person’s time is precious, so they have tried their best to lessen your effort. They sell a diverse variety of collections for your wardrobe. They have clothes with fashion that glamorizes the personality, styles everyone likes, graphics that engage viewers, and fun everyone enjoys.

Their working community works not like labor but as passionate and devoted to introducing unique styles. Then, they are on a mission to spread their attire and accessories worldwide without discrimination based on gender, sex, age, or location.

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Dressista Products Collection

Dressista.com is a professional website that sells the following products to worldwide customers:

  • Two Piece Set
  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Swimsuits
  • Accessories(headphones, bags, sandals, earrings, bracelets, necklace, hat,etc)

Dressista Clothing Features

The customers’ feedback verifies the qualities of the Dressista products. While assessing Dressista reviews, the following elegant features pop up:

Dressista Reviews
  • Numerous Products: Shopping for yourself, siblings, and children are challenging to find appropriate dresses. You may have to search different websites for a dress or cloth. Dressista dresses are unique because they offer unlimited, versatile dresses to you and your loved ones in one place.
  • Floral Printing: Dressista.com dresses have unique floral designs and prints with different colored shades. These shades gloom the dressing prints and designs. The people, who are aware of fashion, know that designs with appropriate color shades are only a cup of tea for some brands. Luckily, Dressista.com has achieved this in very little time.
  • Elegant Appearance: Dressista dresses’ designs and patterns are so awesome that they sum up the glamorous and elegance in the personality. Everyone who wants to look more innovative and gorgeous they have the best choice of Dressista dresses.

Discounts Offers

The extra 10% discount with coupon code “DE10” will be awarded on locking your first placement. Then on purchasing multiple items, you will get more discount. For example, on buying two items, you’ll get 3rd item at a 30% discount using the code “DE3”. On placing for the four goods, you’ll get the 5th item at a 60% discount using the code “DE5”. When a customer buys five items, the 6th item will be 80% discounted. Additionally, on placing an order of 68$ or above, Dressista will free deliver the product.

Is Dressista.com A Legit Website Or Another Scam?

Dressista.com was scanned through various tools and factors, and the final verdict was presented.

The first filtering factor scanned the contact number, owner name, and address. They failed adversely in this test as they did not mention any contact number, owner’s name, or address. Whoever operates this web store should be revealed to the buyers. The second scanner is the social media profiles of the business stores. Dressista has a Facebook account with 1.1K followers and likes. The response on the Facebook profile is immeasurable. The Instagram profile is professionally created, but fewer than a thousand followers have been seen on the profile, with fewer heart reactions and comments. Customer engagement on these social media sites should be more outstanding.

This website was created in the first month of the year 2023. We have only a few details that should be present to judge the website’s status. Scam Advisor says the website is very suspicious, so you should avoid sharing any information. The website trust score is only one. There is one Dressista review that has two-star ratings out of 5. TrustPilot reprt is a blank page about Dressista.com. On the website, the discounts offered could be more logical. This is a trapping scheme for illegal websites.

Dressista Reviews

Dressista Reviews

On the official website, we scanned again and again so that we might find any Dressista reviews, but we were still looking for them. Then we moved to the Facebook and Instagram pages of Dressista.com. They have few reviews, but all are in favor of the Dressista. To verify more, the idea was to check the external review system. On TrustPilot, we have much disappointment regarding Dressista.com reviews and ratings. Zero reviews and ratings were discovered on TrustPilot. 

On Scam Advisor, only one review was present, giving the products two stars, which meant a bad review. The website is new in the market, so it will take time to stabilize and get enough traffic.

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  • Versatile products.
  • One-stop shop.
  • Social media profiles are generated.
  • Less effort in finding the favorite dress.


  • The owner’s details should be mentioned. 
  • The website’s trust score is low.
  • No ratings were found.
  • The website needs to be younger.

Final Verdict

Dressista.com is a newly launched website. They have versatile and diverse varieties of products. The website traffic is low. Scam Advisor has assigned the website only one trust score, which makes them very suspicious. Dressista.com must share the owner’s details and phone number on official channels. They have created social media profiles that have yet to receive a response. There are no Dressista reviews, which badly affects the website’s integrity and trustworthiness. This website is very young. We recommend them because they are very new on the market. That’s why more data must be used to judge the legitimacy of the dresses. Only use the website once there is enough information to decide whether to buy from them.

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